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Division of Information Technology

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The Division of Information Technology builds, coordinates, and maintains all IT related business needs in accordance with the ODOT business plan and initiatives.
Software Production is responsible for building and maintaining enterprise software applications for the department. This office works closely with the business owners to ensure systems are built to support their needs. Responsibilities for this area include recommending and implementing software development standards and best practices. The office consists of three groups: Client/Server Development, Collaboration and Identity Mgt, and Mainframe Development.
The Infrastructure Management Office is responsible for the creation and support of the network, telecommunications, desktops, and servers that make up the ODOT environment. The IT infrastructure is uniquely designed to handle the volume and complexity of ODOT's user and application requirements.
The Project Management Group works with the other DoIT offices and ODOT districts and divisions to successfully deliver ODOT information technology projects within stated estimates and expectations. The team uses an agile methodology to optimize delivery outcomes and customer satisfaction, while supporting the vision of ODOT’s business plan and strategic initiatives.
These teams are responsible for Commercial Off The Shelf Application installation, maintenance, upgrades, and support, as well as ServiceNow administration, development, maintenance, upgrades, support, and strategic use of the platform
The Resource Management Office is responsible for the procurement, management and renewal processes for IT services, hardware, and software for ODOT. This area is committed to finding the best product at the best price, while making sure that existing products are used to their fullest capacity.
This team is responsible for cataloging data within the organization, application integrations throughout the enterprise, providing key Business Intelligence reporting resources for the enterprise, helping to set strategic directions for Business Intelligence, assisting with data governance within the enterprise, and helping the Tech Council assess data and integration impacts of projects.
Database team is responsible for the architecture, creation, optimization, maintenance, and management of data systems at ODOT.