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andy elineaeline@dot.state.oh.usODOT
Just testing. please see the corresponding email in regards. thanks, ae
testing the form
Kevin P AbramsKAbrams@CTConsultants.comCT Consultants
7965 N. High Street, Suite 340
Is GENSUM_VBA_Trnsport.xls the only file accepted or can we also use GENSUM_VBA.xls? Both come in the Excel standard sheets and GENSUM_VBA.xls has less columns for participation.
v8iselect series 2
bob rennerbrenner@portageco.com330-298-3937portage county engineers
5000 newton falls road
ravenna, ohio 44266
is it possible to get your odot symbols in cadd not geopak.
cadd onlycadd only
Bob Rennerbrenner@portageco.com330-298-3937portage county engineers
5000 newton falls road
do you have a pdf of the odot symbols
nonenon geopak
Justin Krantzjsk@wequicksall.com330-339-6676W.E. Quicksall & Associates
554 W. High Ave.
PO Box 646
New PhiladelphiaOH44663
Since the new 2013 CMS came out, has there been an update to the VBA drainage program in GEOPAK when designing and placing drainage structures. (i.e. referencing the new 611 item numbers, not 604) Thank you.
V8i (SELECTseries 2)V8i (SELECTseries 2)
Eric Loeschereric.loescher@hdrinc.comHDR INC.
1100 Superior Ave
The CADD manual update appears same as 7/19/2013? Any changes?
Matthew Philipsmatt.philips@urs.comURS
564 White Pond Drive
I want to make sure that I'm clear in my understanding that the macro within the GENSUM_VBA_AASHTOWare.xls spreadsheet was created to maintain consistency between the ItemMaster and the spreadsheet without having to type in all of the information, i.e. once you place an item, it only generates text in the spreadsheet. We have been using formulas and linking within Excel to hook our subsummaries and general summaries to the spreadsheet version of the ItemMaster to solve this problem. The short question is: do we need to break all of our links and formulas before submitting to ODOT for it to be dropped into the AASHTOWare software? I am in the process of converting our spreadsheets to be formatted the same as the GENSUM_VBA_AASHTOWare.xls and I don’t want to create issues with the AASHTOWare program.

I appreciate your time and look forward to a response.
V8iSELECTseries 2
Matthew Philipsmatt.philips@urs.comURS
564 White Pond Drive
The GENSUM_VBA_AASHTOWare.xls should not have rows & columns added, deleted or resized. How should a project handle having more the available number of sheet columns to pull quantities from? Say there are 10 subsummaries, 4 notes sheets and a structure general summary that need linked to the overall general summary. How are all of those sheets reflected.

I appreciate your time.


V8iSELECTseries 2
Dan BarnhartDan.Barnhart@meadhunt.com614-607-5253Mead & Hunt
4700 Lakehurst Court
Suite 110
Is there a way to cross reference subset numbers?  For example, my bridge folks frequently do "SEE SHEET XX/XX FOR DETAILS" where they want to reference the bridge subset of sheets, instead of the overall sheet number of that sheet.  I would think this could be done by editing the sheet cross referencing vba to look for the 250 and 251 colors, but I'm not sure.
Andrew Joseph Pennelljoe.pennell@ibigroup.com614-818-4900 ext 227614-818-4901M-E/IBI Group
635 Brooksedge Blvd
Question: I have recently tried to run the Pid Change program from the ODOT dropdown in Microstation.  I placed a copy of a project that we will be needing to change the Pid in the near future into my C://documents folder. Then when I run the program I get an: run-time error '339': Component 'RICHTX32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.   I am wondering if a path has changed.
MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 2) - Version V8i (SELECT series 2) -
Dan BarnhartDan.Barnhart@meadhunt.comMead & Hunt
4700 Lakehurst Court, Suite 110
Is there, or was there, an application or mdl that allowed a bridge designer to auto-populate items in the title block such as the "Designed", "Checked", "Drawn", "Revised", "Reviewed", and "Date" fields?
Beth Mettlebmettle@envdesigngroup.comEnvironmental Design Group
450 Grant Street
We are interested in purchasing a roadway design program that is the same or similar to what ODOT uses. It is my understanding from your website that ODOT is currently using MicroStation V8i and GEOPAK V8i (both 2010 versions) for design. Which is ODOT using specifically for roadway design?

Thank you
Kris Thomaskthomas@ribwaygroup.comRibway Engineering Group
300 E. Broad St. Ste. 500
I'm trying to set up the microstation/geopak for the first time and I don't have the ODOT pull down menu when I open ms anymore.  I've been trying to configure the files like it says on the website but somehow I messed it up. Could you tell me what file will bring back that pulldown and what location it needs to go in? Thanks.
Tim Wamplertim.wampler@dot.state.oh.us937-497-6725ODOT Dist. 7
1001 St. Mary's Ave.
This is just a thought but here in District 7 we put the centerline and existing r/w in one file we call cline.dgn and the property lines in a file called pline.dgn. These files get referenced to the 00000BP.dgn file. I was wondering if there could be a standard naming convention for this files. As of now, we/consultants are putting all the data in the BE or BR files. It's seems to make it easier to manipulate if they were able to have them seperated. This has been a long and well working system of file creation in our Survey dept. but without a standard to tell consultants doing the work. It can come to us differently most of the time. Creating the standard name like PID#CL.dgn or PID#PL.dgn seems like it would help.
V8GEOPAK V8i (SELECT series 2)
Dan BarnhartDan.Barnhart@meadhunt.com614-607-5253Mead
4700 Lakehurst Court
Suite 110
It appears that the GEOPAK superelevation calculation spreadsheets (i.e. ODOT2006_SuperCalc80Dc.xls and ODOT2006_RadiusTbl.csv) have not yet been updated to accommodate posted speeds of 70mph and design speeds of 75mph.  Just one more thing for you to have to track down when things change.
Aaron Gradyagrady@structurepoint.com317-547-5580American Structurepoint
7260 Shadeland Station
Hi, hopefully this is the right place to ask for assistance or if not, you can point me in the right direction. We have a user that's having issues with some of the ODOT VBA scripts. When they try to run them, they get an error that states, "Automation error. Unspecified error." The affected scripts are as follows:


Any assistance would be appreciated.

Structurepoint IT
Brian Wallacebrian.wallace@urs.com614-600-5952URS Corporation
277 West Nationwide Blvd
Are you still taking new Level requests?

I am finding it increasingly more common for people wanting station labels on separate levels from the centerline and tick marks. What do you think about developing separate labels for stations/ticks and PT/PT/Curve data?  I realize this would create many more levels, however, a workaround could be to use different design spaces within a dgn for different centerline scales (if they were all using the same set of levels).   Perhaps adding a set of unscaled levels that we can move the data to would work?

GE/RW_X_CL_STA – Station text and tics
GE/RW_X_CL_CUR - PT, PC, POT, CS etc, and Curve Data
GE/RW_P_CL_STA – Station text and tics
GE/RW_P_CL_CUR - PT, PC, POT, CS etc, and Curve Data

Also, given what you know about Bentley and the future, it would be ideal if there was a way to generate station labels that size based on annotation scales. This would dramatically reduce the number of levels needed for the centerline generation.

Kris Thomaskthomas@ribwaygroup.comRibway Engineering
300 E. Broad St. Ste. 500
Does ODOT offer training classes for Geopak that is open to consultants?
v8i SS3v8i SS3
Brian Wallacebrian.wallace@urs.com614-600-5952URS Corporation
277 West Nationwide Blvd
Must be my month for new ideas, here's another, more realistic one.

It would be nice to have levels and pt codes for rumble strips.  These really should be picked up in survey for MOT operations and future traffic control coordination.  Perhaps something like:



RUMB pt code to be used in a linear fashion (begin to end) like a lane line etc.
Brian Wallacebrian.wallace@urs.com614-600-5952URS Corporation
277 West Nationwide Blvd.
Disregard previous request on Rumble Strips!  I see it!
Rayleen Leerlee@dlz.comDLZ Ohio, Inc.
6121 Huntley Rd
The ODOT Sign Application is non-functional with the 1/17/2014 update. The error in Microstation = "Configuration Variable ODOT_SIGNS is not defined"
When comparing the older version pcf to new version the following variable was removed. (ODOTV8i.pcf,ODOTV8iSS3.pcf)
ODOT_SIGNS = $(V8iSTD)/cell/signs/
However, I am not sure if this is the extent of the problem. (SS3) (SS2)
ben brownbbrown@msconusltants.comms
2228 schrock road
I am working with GEOPAK Criteria. I am looking for assistance with the Criteria for rock cuts. I am using while statement and defining variables.

is there any examples of while commands with break and continue statements
Kyle Dohlenkdohlen@smeinc.com216-901-1000S&ME
8555 Sweet Valley Drive.
Valley ViewOH44125
Does ODOT have the microstation fonts (Font 30, Font 31, etc) as microsoft .ttf files? I'm attempting to transfer excel data into microstation and need it to follow the ODOT standards.
Sean Milroysmilroy@mbakercorp.com2167766613Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
1228 Euclid Avenue
Using the drainage XS vba, I get a "Run time error '91' Object variable or With block variable not set".
The program work great on other XC files, on on other projects, just not in this single file. It works in the plan view, and drew in the storm profiles. Just one XC file. Is there a size limit to the program? Or an upper limit of nodes? (I have about 350)
Peter Muellerpmueller@barreng.com6145957827Barr & Prevost
2800 Corporate Exchange Dr.
We've experienced an instance on a Win8 Pro machine has begun throwing compiler errors with the Bridge Sheet Info mvba. This computer was working fine with this setup for the last 4 or more months. No updates had recently been applied the day it began throwing these errors, and I have not been able to recreate the problem in Win7 Pro. A repair of Microstation and GEOPAK was already tried as well. Since these are encrypted VBAs, I didn't have any logs to go through, but if you need any further information, I would happy to provide it, or even make an image of the machine if that would be beneficial.
Guido Polentinipolentini@effepiengineering.it064885945Effepi Engineering SrL
Carlo Botta 49
Hi, using the font "3 engineering" in Microstastion version V8i wanted to know which symbols to use for the diameter and the height.
Guido Polentinipolentini@effepiengineering.it064885945Effepi Engineering SrL
Carlo Botta 49
Hi, using the font "3 engineering" in Microstastion version V8i wanted to know which symbols to use for the diameter and the Exponent of 2.
Melinda Chasemchase@hammontree-engineers.comHammontree & Associates, Limited
5233 Stoneham Road
North CantonOH44720
If I run Create Design File from the ODOT menu to create more than one file, the program crashes. I can create one at a time.
Power GEOPAK V8i (SS2 or SS3)Power GEOPAK V8i (SS2 or SS3)
Sean Rifflesriffle@msconsultants.com614-898-7100ms consultants
2221 Schrock Road
-We are currently operating on SS2, is it acceptable to upgrade to SS3?  Is ODOT currently operating SS3 at all?
-Will ODOT support new features available in SS3 such as Open Roads cross section templates.
-Will ODOT support the Bentley SUDA program?  If so, will it take the place of StormCAD?
-Is ODOT planning on hosting any CADD events in the near future as they have done in prior years?

Thank you for your time.
V8i SS2V8i SS2
Franklin D. Snyder, Jr.fsnyder@fokeng.com330-799-1501Thomas Fok & Associates, Inc.
3896 Mahoning Avenue
Consider a separate file when using GIS based property lines, rights-of-way, etc. to facilitate easy recognition between GIS/tax map/record information from survey reconciled boundaries.  nnnnnBRgis.dgn or nnnnnnBR549.dgn and keep nnnnnBR001.dgn.
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