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AutoTable is not a free shareware application.  Designers interested in using this product will need to contact Cadig directly (www.cadig.com) regarding licensing and purchasing options.




Currently, several limitations exist with the current “OLE” or “Link Text” options within MicroStation as indicated below:

• OLE spreadsheets lose rows and columns
• Linked objects won’t resize as you insert or delete rows and columns
• Font styles versus CADD standards
• Distorted text
• OLE objects plot differently on different size sheets

The existing methods are labor intensive and occupy additional employee time either by recreating text or re-establishing text links in the plan sheets.  In addition, human error is more prevalent (e.g. errors/omissions) which may lead to unnecessary project delays/costs in both design and construction.




AutoTable is an OPTIONAL third-party application which provides a seamless integration
between Excel and MicroStation for tabular text/data. Excel spreadsheet files can be imported
into MicroStation and modified at any time. The original Excel spreadsheet is synchronized
with the DGN file and can be updated as text, format, or data changes. The application draws
the Excel table in MicroStation using native geometry while linking the DGN file to the
spreadsheet. All imported text and borders are native elements in CADD and are fully editable.
AutoTable enables the designer to transfer data from Excel spreadsheets to MicroStation DGN
files in an efficient and stable manner while fulfilling the following requirement:

• Maintain current ODOT CADD standards using MicroStation levels, fonts, size, color and
line weights

In addition to supporting ODOT CADD Standards, AutoTable also provides the following benefits:

• “One-click” operation to import Excel spreadsheets
• Edit/Update the imported table with Excel
• Import several spreadsheets from different worksheets within a workbook and keep them updated
• Update linked data without re-importing tables
• Plot data without distortion





AutoTable is a registered
trademark of Cadig, Incorporated.
© 2002-2010 Cadig, Incorporated.
Excel is a registered trademark of
Microsoft, Incorporated.
© 2010 Microsoft, Incorporated.
MicroStation is a registered
trademark of Bentley Systems,
Incorporated.  © 2010 Bentley
Systems Incorporated.


 AutoTable Standards:


Several user guides, Excel templates, training modules, and associated documents have been developed to assist users with integrating this software into their plan development process.  Please see the following tables listed below for further information.


 AutoTable Documentation:

ODOT General Summary V 1.4
ODOT General Summary V 2.0
ODOT User guide for AutoTable.PDF
ODOT User guide for AutoTable
Quick Start for ODOT AutoTable.PDF
ODOT AutoTable Quick Start Guide
ODOT_BR_EstQ User Guide

 AutoTable Downloads:

AutoTable Standards
The following V8i files are included in the zip file:

AutoTable Standards:
  As Delivered AutoTable Options.opt
  ODOT AutoTable Options.opt
  ODOT Standard Fonts.afm

  ODOT User Guide for AutoTable.pdf
  Quick Start for ODOT AutoTable.pdf
Excel Standard Sheets:
  Blank Design Sheet.xls

 Training Modules


The following on-line training modules are provided to assist designers with using the AutoTable product:

Training Module Web Update Notes
Using AutoTable July 20, 2007 Introduction with Table of Contents.
Look and Feel July 20, 2007 Product Overview.
Standard Settings July 20, 2007 ODOT Standard settings.
Creating and Placing Tables  July 20, 2007 Instruction on creating and placing tables.
Editing Existing Tables  July 20, 2007 Instruction on editing existing tables. 
Updating Tables  July 20, 2007 Instruction on updating existing tables