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County Map Files




ODOT has adopted MicroStation and GEOPAK as its standard drafting and design software packages, respectively. The files referenced on this web page are intended to provide uniform CADD standards for organizations that perform CADD related services for ODOT. Each zip file contains the associated CADD standard(s) and user documentation. Please review all documentation prior to installation/use. The professional shall have final responsibility for the accuracy of all input and output of computer-based applications.




The Office of Production, in cooperation with the Office of Technical Services, provides County Maps for all 88 Ohio counties.  The map creation process utilizes the most current GIS databases including several automated routines, to extract the data from Geomedia to create the MicroStation files.  The following files can be used with the County Maps:

  • ODOT_Title.mvba - VBA application
  • ODOT_County_Map_Levels.dgnlib - DGN Library file

Please review the user documentation for a detailed summary.


 Standard County Maps


The V8i ODOT County Map files are provided in the zip files listed below.


 County Map Documentation

ODOT_County_Maps.PDFCounty Maps Documentation10-19-2012

 Download County Maps

ODOT_Dist1_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 1 County Maps19959 KB 01-20-2012
ODOT_Dist2_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 2 County Maps15104 KB 01-20-2012
ODOT_Dist3_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 3 County Maps19163 KB 01-20-2012
ODOT_Dist4_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 4 County Maps17758 KB 01-20-2012
ODOT_Dist5_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 5 County Maps17944 KB 01-20-2012
ODOT_Dist6_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 6 County Maps15087 KB 01-20-2012
ODOT_Dist7_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 7 County Maps17551 KB 01-20-2012
ODOT_Dist8_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 8 County Maps20165 KB 01-20-2012
ODOT_Dist9_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 9 County Maps16339 KB 01-20-2012
ODOT_Dist10_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 10 County Maps23165 KB 01-20-2012
ODOT_Dist11_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 11 County Maps17953 KB 01-20-2012
ODOT_Dist12_CountyMaps.zipDistrict 12 County Maps8538 KB 01-20-2012