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GEOPAK Downloads

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the application of ODOT's GEOPAK CADD Standards, please Click here.


 All V8i GEOPAK Standards Zipped

ODOT_Geopak_V8i_Standards.zipComplete ODOT GEOPAK V8i Standards (Road and Survey) Zipped8118 KB 04-25-2014

 All XM GEOPAK Standards Zipped

ODOT_Geopak_XM_Standards.zipComplete ODOT GEOPAK XM Standards (Road and Survey) Zipped7084 KB 01-15-2010

 Individual V8i GEOPAK Road Downloads

ODOT_Geopak_CCH.zipGEOPAK Road Tabular Profile Annotation preferences (.cch files)2 KB 07-20-2012
ODOT_Geopak_DesignTables.zipGEOPAK Road Graphical Cogo Design Tables39 KB 04-16-2010
ODOT_Geopak_DTMPrefs.zipGEOPAK Road DTM Preference Files15 KB 04-16-2010
ODOT_Geopak_DDB.zipGEOPAK Road D&C Manager Database and related files102 KB 04-18-2014
ODOT_Geopak_SheetLibraries.zipGEOPAK Road Plan Sheet (.psl) and XS Sheet (.xssl) Layout Files8 KB 10-21-2011
ODOT_Geopak_Superelevation.zipGEOPAK Road Superelevation Preference Files58 KB 01-17-2014
ODOT_Geopak_Criteria_Files.zipGEOPAK Road Criteria Files with Documentation6096 KB 01-17-2014
ODOT_Geopak_KValue_Table.zipGEOPAK Road K-Value Table1 KB 01-17-2014
ODOT_Geopak_RoadwayDesigner.zipGEOPAK Roadway Designer Standards222 KB 04-20-2012

 Individual V8i GEOPAK Survey Downloads

ODOT_Geopak_SMD.zipGEOPAK Survey Manager Database (.smd)92 KB 04-25-2014
ODOT_Geopak_SDP.zipGEOPAK Survey Default Survey Preferences (.sdp)1 KB 04-16-2010
ODOT_Geopak_FXL.zipGEOPAK Survey Code List for Trimble Data Collectors (.fxl) 11 KB 04-19-2013
ODOT_Survey_Codes_Alphabetical.pdfGEOPAK Survey Field Codes (listed Alphabetically)717 KB 04-19-2013
ODOT_Survey_Codes_Category.pdfGEOPAK Survey Field Codes (listed by Category)733 KB 04-19-2013
ODOT_Survey_Codes_NoLongerUsed.pdfGEOPAK Survey Field Codes (No Longer Used)80 KB 04-19-2013