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ODOT GEOPAK Training Guides

The ODOT GEOPAK training guides are available in Adobe (.pdf) format by clicking on the links below. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to view or print these files.



1010 KB October, 2012
41102 KB April, 2010


23667 KB October, 2012
873 KB April, 2010
17941 KB October, 2012
979 KB April, 2010

 GEOPAK Roadway Designer

11083 KB October, 2012
10830 KB April, 2012
17692 KB April, 2012
10480 KB April, 2012
14203 KB April, 2012
7374 KB April, 2012
27431 KB April, 2012
47071 KB April, 2012
37090 KB April, 2012
36756 KB April, 2012
21750 KB April, 2012
46241 KB April, 2012
47234 KB April, 2012


3518 KB October, 2012
11342 KB April, 2010

 GEOPAK Survey

7303 KB October, 2012
52 KB April, 2010



The information provided in this manual is a product of ODOT and is not the be sold or otherwise distributed for profit. If this manual is copied proper acknowledgment is to be given to GEOPAK Corporation and Bentley Systems, Incorporated for its content in this manual. There are no expressed or implied warranties concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability or usability of this information. Further, ODOT assumes no responsibility for any incorrect results or damage resulting from the use of this information. All users shall expressly hold ODOT harmless from any liability or loss due to any computer or software generated problems associated with this product or manual.

GEOPAK is a registered trademark of GEOPAK Corporation. MicroStation is a registered trademark and ModelServer is a trademark of Bentley Systems, Incorporated. Windows and Windows XP are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other brands and products names are trademarks of their respective owners. Copyright GEOPAK Corporation.