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MicroStation Downloads

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the application of ODOT's MicroStation CADD Standards, please Click here.

Detailed information about the CADD updates is available on the CADD Standards Revision History page.



 MicroStation V8i Standards File Download Pages

AutoTable.aspxAutoTable File Download Page01-17-2014
MicroStationApps.aspxMicroStation Applications Download Page01-17-2014
Cells.aspxMicroStation Cell Library Download Page01-18-2013
ColorTable.aspxMicroStation Color Table Download Page10-19-2012
Configuration.aspxMicroStation Configuration Files Download Page01-17-2014
CountyMaps.aspxMicroStation County Map Download Page10-19-2012
DataFiles.aspxMicroStation Data Files Download Page04-16-2010
DGNLibraries.aspxMicroStation DGN Library Download Page01-17-2014
PenTables.aspxMicroStation Pen Tables Download Page10-19-2012
NoteFiles.aspxMicroStation Plan Note Files Download Page10-18-2013
ResourceFiles.aspxMicroStation Resource Files Download Page10-19-2012
SeedFiles.aspxMicroStation Seed Files Download Page10-19-2012
V7toV8TranslationTable.aspxMicroStation v7 to v8 Translation Table Download Page10-19-2012

 ODOT MicroStation V8i Standards

ODOT_V8istd.zipComplete V8iStd Directory (Excluding the County Maps, GEOPAK Standards and 3D Cell Libraries) 50002 KB 04-25-2014

 ODOT MicroStation XM Edition Standards

ODOT_XMstd.zipComplete XMStd Directory (Excluding the County Maps and GEOPAK Standards)35785 KB 03-03-2010