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MicroStation V8i Deployment

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the application of ODOT's CADD Standards,
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 MicroStation V8i


Note: Please read ALL of the following information prior to implementing the new V8i Standards.

The Office of Production CADD Section released MicroStation V8i and GEOPAK V8i  CADD Standards for the April 16, 2010 quarterly update.  Please see the following web link from our Support Page for the current versions of MicroStation and GEOPAK: 

MicroStation V8i is the same platform as MicroStation XM Edition with the exception of a modified user interface and added functionality. With V8i, users will not be required to perform any file conversions to use existing XM drawings with V8i. V8i is the same platform as XM and will not require any file format changes or modifications except for two notable change for GEOPAK users.

Note: GEOPAK Terrain Model format (*.tin) and GEOPAK Site Modeler format (*.gsf) have been changed.

Terrain Models and Site Modeler project files created in GEOPAK V8i are not backward compatible.

MicroStation and GEOPAK V8i features some new enhancements and improvements in which ODOT is incorporating into their CADD Standards. Utilizing some of these new features has led to some modifications to the new MicroStation and GEOPAK V8i CADD Standards.

Getting Started:
Prior to advancing the new ODOT V8i CADD Standards, please take a few minutes to review the following document:

ODOT CADD Standards - V8i Quick Start Guide

The above referenced document provides an overview of the enhancements and changes to ODOT's CADD Standards regarding V8i.

The ODOT CADD Standards for MicroStation and GEOPAK V8i are installed in a new directory structure. When the V8i Standards are unzipped with the "Use Folder Names" option toggled on, the following folders are created:

• ODOTStd\Projects
• ODOTStd\V8iStd

New configuration variables must be established for successful configuration of ODOT's V8i CADD Standards. Before installing ODOT's CADD Standards for MicroStation and GEOPAK V8i, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the following configuration information:

Configuration Documentation

ODOT's CADD Standards for MicroStation and GEOPAK V8i will replace all previously issued XM CADD Standards. Users can upgrade projects from XM Edition to V8i mid-project without any conversion problems.

After your transition to V8i is complete, the entire XM folder can be deleted or archived. Some consulting firms may elect to take the conservative approach and maintain the XM Standards for completion of current projects.

Since the CADD Standards for V8i are installed in a new folder, the standards can be safely installed simultaneously with the old XM standards left intact in order to start new projects with the V8i CADD Standards. MicroStation and GEOPAK V8i both install to a different directory location than the previous XM versions and can be installed simultaneously on the same computer without any conflicts.

Contact Information:
If you have a question or suggestion, please click here to contact the ODOT CADD Team.