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Office of CADD and Mapping Services
ODOT CADD Standards and Support for MicroStation and GEOPAK



04.25.2014 CADD Standards Update

The Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of CADD and Mapping Services, has released an update to the CADD Standards.
See the Revision History link for a detailed summary of the recent CADD updates.


The April 18, 2014 release of ODOT’s CADD Standards includes the first release of new CADD Standards for use with Bentley’s OpenRoads Technology. With the release of these standards, ODOT has changed the names of the User Configuration File and the Project Configuration File to ODOT_OpenRoads.ucf and ODOT_OpenRoads.pcf, respectively. ODOT will use this configuration naming for ongoing Bentley SELECTSeries 3 and Open Roads development and will no longer use the ODOTV8iSS3 configuration files released previously. These standards were developed using the following software versions:
MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 3)
Bentley GEOPAK Suite V8i (SELECTseries 3)
Windows 7 Enterprise, Service Pack 1

It should be noted that these files were developed using a GEOPAK Suite software installation. ODOT has not tested these files with a PowerGEOPAK software installation.

The April 18, 2014 release of the MicroStation V8i SS3 OpenRoads standards can be found here; OpenRoads . 






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The ODOT CADD Standards provided do not exempt the professional from performing responsible engineering and/or surveying. The ODOT CADD Standards are intended to provide uniform procedures and standards for organizations that perform CADD related services for ODOT. The professional shall have final responsibility for the accuracy of all input and output of computer-based applications.