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The Office of Aerial Engineering performs remote sensing operations for ODOT purposes. This work includes aerial photography and LiDAR collection for a host of applications including, safety project analysis, access management Itelligent Transportation Systems, construction monitoring, court exhibits, planimetric mapping, and topographic mapping for planning and design purposes.



The LMK 2000 is a large format mapping camera was manufactured by Zeiss Jena in former East Germany. After the reunification of Germany, the company was taken over by Carl Zeiss, Inc. and production of aerial cameras in Jena was discontinued. Existing LMK cameras are now serviced by E. Coyote Enterprises, Inc. in Texas.

Central Module CM2000

  • Automatic exposure setting
  • Shutter speed 1/64 ... 1/1024 s
  • Stops f/4 - f/16
  • Digital frame indicator
  • Frame counter 1 - 999



Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper

The ALTM system includes the rack and the unit housing the LiDAR sensor head, IMU (inertial measurement unit), and the digital camera.

We are using an ALTM 30/70C by Optech, Inc. The laser is located within the ALTM assembly unit which has been mounted onto the floor of the airplane in a custom hole cut from the bottom.

The rack is set next to the operators seat so that it can be monitored easier, and is controlled by the operator via a laptop computer.

ALTM 30/70C System Specifications

  • Pulse Rate: 70KHz
  • Scan Angle: Variable, 0 to +/- 25degrees
  • Scan Frequency: Variable, maximum 70Hz
  • Range Capture: 4 range measurements per pulse
  • Intensity Capture: 12bit dynamic range



The 4-2K is our new digital camera that is set up for use with the LiDAR system. The camera is controlled through the same program that controls the LiDAR and digital images are captured simultaneously as the LiDAR is scanning.

This allows us to drape images over the LiDAR processed data for better planning, mapping, and design products and to help us produce orthorectified images

Camera Specs:

  • Camera lens focal length = 55mm.
  • Camera lens f/stop 4.0.
  • 37 degrees footprint.
  • Maximum frame rate = 1 frame every 2.5-2.7 seconds.
  • Operating altitude for RHD: 10,000 ft MSL.

The image plate consists of a color 4077 x 4092 pixel CCD array. Each pixel is 9 microns in size. This results in an image size of 36.693 x 36.828 mm. The orientation of the CCD in the camera is such that the long axis is in the flight direction.

Here are some examples of the quality of photography we get with the digital camera (note: these images have been compressed for viewing on the web and have decreased the quality of the image, click on the image for full size view).