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Office of Production
ODOT Best Practices


 Best Practices Overview


The Best Practices information is an internal document created by ODOT Central Office – Office of Production, to assist Office of Production employees who are involved in preparing detailed construction plans.  The use of this document by District and consultant personnel is optional. This document does not supersede any design guidelines or standards set forth in the ODOT Design Reference Resource Center.

The intent of the Best Practices is to assist the designer in preparing uniform plans in a more efficient and timely fashion.

There are several methods available to the user to complete a task using MicroStation and GEOPAK.  The information listed in this manual is not a “How To” outline to complete a design task, but a resource to supplement the plan development process. The user is accountable to determine the best method to create the plans based on their skills, knowledge, and experience.

Click on the link provided under the "Type" or "Name" column below to download each Best Practice.


 Best Practices Downloads

Title Sheet4/11/2005BP_Title.pdfBP_Title
Typical Sections4/11/2005BP_Typical.pdfBP_Typical
Cross Sections1/28/2005BP_CrossSections.pdfBP_CrossSections
Pavement Calculations - Excel File4/5/2005PVMT_CALCS_032905.xlsPVMT_CALCS_032905
Pavement Calculations - Notes4/5/2005BP_PvmtCalcs.pdfBP_PvmtCalcs
Schematic Plan Sheet2/7/2005BP_Schematic.pdfBP_Schematic
General Notes3/3/2005BP_GeneralNotes.pdfBP_GeneralNotes
Driveway Tables3/18/2005BP_Driveway.pdfBP_Driveway
Superelevation Tables3/3/2005BP_Superelevation.pdfBP_Superelevation
Survey Checking3/31/2005BP_SurveyChecking.pdfBP_SurveyChecking
General Summary4/11/2005BP_GeneralSummary.pdfBP_GeneralSummary
Bridge/Roadway Coordination2/25/2009BP_Bridge Roadway Coordination.pdfBP_Bridge Roadway Coordination

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