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Office of Production
2010 CMS Conversion
Frequently Asked Questions


 Frequently Asked Questions


Can projects with an award date before 7/1/2010 (sale date before 6/24/2010) be sold using the 2010 C&MS?

Response: Yes.  Projects with an award date before 7/1/2010 (sale date before 6/24/2010) have the option of being sold using the 2010 C&MS or the 2008 C&MS. The decision is left to the discretion of the District Office.

Please note that it is still required that all projects with an award date of 7/1/2010 (sale date of 6/24/2010) or after must be converted to the 2010 C&MS.

Question: When will paper copies of the 2010 C&MS be availble?

Response: Paper copies will be available after February 1, 2010 through the Office of Contracts:

Ohio Department of Transportation
Office of Contracts
P.O. Box 899
Columbus, Ohio 43216-0899
Telephone (614) 466-3778, 466-3200

Price: $12.00 + tax = $12.81

Make checks payable to:
Treasurer of State of Ohio
c/o Department of Transportation 


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