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Office of CADD and Mapping Services

Location & Design Manual - Volume 3


 L&D Volume 3 Overview


The guidelines contained in Location and Design Manual, Volume 3 are considered a primary source of reference by personnel involved in the preparation of highway plans for the State of Ohio.

Click on the link provided under the "Type" or "Name" column below to download each file.


 L&D Volume 3 Downloads

Complete Location and Design Manual, Volume 31/15/2016V3_Entire_0116.pdfV3_Entire_0116
Table of Contents1/15/2016Tabcont_0116.pdfTabcont_0116
Section 1200 - Plan Preparation1/15/2016Section 1200 with Figures_0116.pdfSection 1200 with Figures_0116
Section 1300 - Plan Components1/15/2016Section 1300 with Figures.pdfSection 1300 with Figures
Section 1400 - Review Submissions1/15/2016Section 1400 with Figures_0116.pdfSection 1400 with Figures_0116
Section 1500 - Plan Related Actions1/15/2016Section 1500__0116.pdfSection 1500__0116
Appendix B - Sample Plan Notes1/15/2016Appendix B_0116.pdfAppendix B_0116
Appendix D - Reproducible Forms1/15/2016Appendix D_0116.pdfAppendix D_0116
Appendix D - Word and PDF Forms7/18/2014AppendixD_Forms_0714.zipAppendixD_Forms_0714

 L&D Volume 3 Comments


Appendix A has been rescinded from the Location and Design Manual, Volume 3. This information can now be found in the CADD Manual.

Additional CADD standards information is available on the CADD Standards web page.  The material on the CADD Standards web page supersedes some of the information in the Location and Design Manual, Section 1200.

Appendix C has been rescinded from the Location and Design Manual, Volume 3.  This information is now located in the ODOT Survey and Mapping Specification. 


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