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Office of Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering
Design Checklists


Version 4.0
August 07, 2013


Sections of the Geotechnical Engineering Design Checklists are available below in both Adobe Reader PDF and Microsoft Word Document formats.

Browse in the two Document Library Views to locate the desired file(s) by Title or Name. Left-click on the Name of the file to view it, or right-click and choose "Save Target As..." to download and save the file.

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or later to view PDF files.
Click here to download Acrobat Reader.



 Adobe Reader (PDF) Format

CoverVer4.0.pdf1a. Cover Sheet
8/7/2013 1:59 PM27 KB
Preface.pdf1b. Preface
8/7/2013 2:00 PM72 KB
TableOfContents.pdf1c. Table of Contents
8/7/2013 2:01 PM17 KB
Symbols.pdfI. Symbols and Abbreviations
8/7/2013 2:01 PM75 KB
2_Reconnaissance_Planning.pdfII. Reconnaissance and Planning Checklist
8/7/2013 1:55 PM136 KB
3A_Centerline_Cuts.pdfIII. A. Centerline Cuts
8/7/2013 1:55 PM118 KB
3B_Embankments.pdfIII. B. Embankments
8/7/2013 1:56 PM127 KB
3C_Subgrade.pdfIII. C. Subgrade
8/7/2013 1:56 PM77 KB
4A_Foundation_Structures.pdfIV. A. Foundations/Structures - Non-Bridge Applications
8/7/2013 1:57 PM109 KB
4B_Retaining_Wall.pdfIV. B. Retaining Wall
9/24/2009 2:02 PM43 KB
5A_Landslide.pdfV. A. Landslide Corrections
8/7/2013 1:57 PM114 KB
5B_Rockfall.pdfV. B. Rockfall Corrections
8/7/2013 1:57 PM40 KB
5C_Wetland_Peat.pdfV. C. Wetland or Peat Corrections
9/24/2009 2:02 PM29 KB
5D_Underground_Mine.pdfV. D. Underground Mine Corrections
1/22/2019 7:45 AM38 KB
5E_Surface_Mines.pdfV. E. Surface Mine Corrections
9/24/2009 2:02 PM80 KB
5F_Karst.pdfV. F. Karst Corrections
9/24/2009 2:02 PM28 KB
6A_Soil_Profile.pdfVI. A. Soil Profile
8/7/2013 1:57 PM130 KB
6B_Structure_Exploration.pdfVI. B. Structure Exploration
8/7/2013 1:58 PM137 KB
6C_Geohazard_Exploration.pdfVI. C. Geohazard Exploration
8/7/2013 1:58 PM143 KB
6D_Geotechnical_Reports.pdfVI. D. Geotechnical Reports
8/7/2013 1:58 PM72 KB
References.pdfVII. References
8/7/2013 2:00 PM88 KB

 Microsoft Word Document (DOC) Format

1_Cover_v4.0.docI. Cover, Preface, Table of Contents
8/7/2013 2:02 PM107 KB
2_Reconnaissance_Planning.docII. Reconnaissance and Planning Checklist
8/29/2013 6:39 AM70 KB
3A_Centerline_Cuts.docIII. A. Centerline Cuts
8/7/2013 2:03 PM72 KB
3B_Embankments.docIII. B. Embankments
8/7/2013 2:03 PM139 KB
3C_Subgrade.docIII. C. Subgrade
8/7/2013 2:03 PM59 KB
4A_Foundation_Structures.docIV. A. Foundations/Structures - Non-Bridge Applications
8/7/2013 2:04 PM142 KB
4B_Retaining_Wall.docIV. B. Retaining Wall
3/2/2010 1:38 PM123 KB
5A_Landslide.docV. A. Landslide Corrections
8/7/2013 2:04 PM160 KB
5B_Rockfall.docV. B. Rockfall Corrections
8/7/2013 2:04 PM120 KB
5C_Wetland_Peat.docV. C. Wetland or Peat Corrections
3/2/2010 1:38 PM87 KB
5D_Underground_Mine.docV. D. Underground Mine Corrections
1/22/2019 7:46 AM144 KB
5E_Surface_Mines.docV. E. Surface Mine Corrections
3/2/2010 1:38 PM147 KB
5F_Karst.docV. F. Karst Corrections
3/2/2010 1:38 PM88 KB
6A_Soil_Profile.docVI. A. Soil Profile
8/7/2013 2:05 PM218 KB
6B_Structure_Exploration.docVI. B. Structure Exploration
8/7/2013 2:05 PM231 KB
6C_Geohazard_Exploration.docVI. C. Geohazard Exploration
8/7/2013 2:05 PM246 KB
6D_Geotechnical_Reports.docVI. D. Geotechnical Reports
8/7/2013 2:06 PM48 KB
References.docVII. References
8/7/2013 2:07 PM67 KB