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GPS/GIS Download Files


 GPS/GIS Files

Abandoned.ddfGeoExplorer Data Dictionary File
3/25/2008 1:19 PM9 KB
aumira.reg.0GeoMedia Coordinates Registration Entry
3/25/2008 1:19 PM104 KB
export.csfGeoMedia Export Coordinate System File
3/25/2008 1:19 PM10 KB
export.iniGeoMedia Export Configuration Settings
3/25/2008 1:19 PM1 KB

 GPS/GIS Download File Directions



The "Abandoned.ddf" file is the data dictionary used in Timble's GeoExplorer III for collection of field data used in the Aumira database. This file should be down loaded to your GeoExplorer III using Pathfinder Office software. Once in the software, go to the Utilities/Data Transfer/ and select the "Send" tab. Then, push the "Add" button and select data dictionary. You should now identify the location of the Abandoned.ddf file on your computer or network. Following the down loading, check to make sure the data dictionary properly transferred.


The "Aumira.reg" installs the export setup coordinate systems for the Aumira database. The two (2) export option are called Aumira-North and Aumira-South. These represent the north zone and south zone of the state plane coordinate system. The "Aumira.reg.0" file should be copied to your desktop, and then edited to remove the ".0" from the end of the file name. The "Aumira.reg " program can the be run on your computer. To invoke the update, simply double-click on the "Aumira.reg" file icon. Following the update, select Utilities/Export/ and under "Choose and Export Setup" check to see Aumira-North and Aumira-South are listed.

export.ini and export.csf

For exporting shape files into GeoMedia, two (2) files must be copied in the same directory as the shape files. The "export.ini" and the "export.csf" files are required to identify the proper coordinate system. The file names must also match the directory where they are being stored. For example, if the shape files are stored in a directory call "mines", then the file names must be changed to "mines.ini" and "mines.csf." The final step is to modify the path of the "export.ini" or in our example case the "mines.ini" file. The current path is:

For the previous example, the new path for shape files placed in the "mines" directory in c: drive would be:

Following the modifications to the text file, the file must be saved.