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Office of Hydraulic Engineering 

Location and Design Manual - Volume 2

 Revisions & Updates



 Revisions and Updates Since 1/21/2011

• Revisions in sections 1002, 1104, 1115 and 1117 highlighted in RED
• Added new section 1002.1.2, Deviation by Local
• Added new section 1104.6, Combined Sanitary Sewer Separation
• Updated Figures 1008-1, 1008-2, 1008-3 by eliminating 33” and 27”x42” sizes and revising cover heights for larger diameter conduits
• New Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) curves and General Notes, Figures 1101-2 & 1101-3. For any projects that have begun using the previous IDF curves, continue with their use through the completion of the project. The current IDF curves should be used at the start for all new projects
• Revised Bioretention Cell Example, Figure 1117-8
• Updated Sample Plan Note D123
• A new AppParameter2014 file for CDSS is available to download utilizing the updated conduit sizes and IDF curves as noted above. The files can be found on the left under Hydraulic Software & Design Resources.
54 KB 7/18/2014
•Minor revisions in sections 1008, 1009, 1105, 1114 and 1117 are highlighted in red.
•Removed Form LD-30 from Appendix A.
•Updated Figure 1008-14.
•Removed Figure 1117-1.
36 KB 1/17/2014
•All uses and references of BMP - Exfiltration Trench have been removed from the
35 KB 10/18/2013
transmittal_ letter_volume2_July_2013.pdf
• Clarification on extending culverts
• Additional guidance on rehabilitation of culverts
• Added references to SS 835, SS895 and SS940
• Removed reference to SS898
• Additional guidance on placement of manholes
• Added use of StormCAD to perform storm sewer calculations
• Revisions to the Post Construction BMP sections
• Clarification on bridge hydraulic review submittals
• Removed remaining metric references (Figure 1103-4)
59 KB 7/19/2013
• All references to Item 603 and 604 have been revised to   Item 611
• Bridge Hydraulics have been incorporated into the manual
• Temporary Structures have been added to the manual
• Post Construction BMP sections
• Guidance regarding the use of Trench and Slotted Drains
• References to metric units were removed
• Maximum height of cover tables for conduits have been    removed
• Figure 1006-1 Floodway Schematic has been added
53 KB 1/18/2013
•1102.3.2 Added design criteria for Articulating Concrete Block Revetment System
•Revised Figure 1112-1 to remove references to SS870
•Revised Figure 1105-3 to correct section reference
43 KB 7/20/2012
•  Clarified 1002.1.2 - Deviation by Local
•  Revised 1006.2.2.E - Check Storm Controls
•  Clarified 1008.9 - Foundations
•  Revised 1105.1 – Roadway Culverts: General
•  Removed references to “SS 870 Seeding” since it no longer exists.
•  Revised 1106.2.2 – Full Height Headwalls
•  Revised 1114.1 Temporary Sediment and Erosion Control
•  Revised LD-35
167 KB 1/20/2012
Distribution Letter July 2011.pdf
•Replaced all references to the Office of Structural Engineering with the Office of Hydraulic Engineering
•Revised 1002.3.7 Culvert Rehabilitation
•Clarified 1003 Hydrology
•Revised 1008.7 Precast Reinforced Concrete Arch Sections
•Revised 1008.9 Foundations
•Revised 1010 Maintenance of Traffic
•Clarified 1101 Estimating Design Discharge
•Defined “local depression” in 1103.6.2 Grate or Combination Grate and Curb Opening Inlet
•Clarified 1117.2 Manufactured Systems
•Revised Plan Note D124
•Revised LD-30, LD-33 and Fig. 1117
44 KB 7/15/2011
•Section 1006.2.3  Updated web address
•Section 1009.2  Clarified language for underdrains in superelevated sections.
•Figure 1009-11  Typical Pipe Underdrain Locations – New.
•Section 1010  Maintenance of Traffic Drainage – New.
•Section 1104.4.7  Maximum Storm Sewer Slope – New.
•Section 1105.2.2  Depressed invert for box culverts clarified. 
•Plan Notes D123 and D124 added. 
16 KB 1/21/2011