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NPDES Implementation Plan


This page offers guidance on procedures for the Ohio EPA's Permit for Discharges Associated with Construction Activity. For information regarding the NPDES MS4 Program and ODOT's Storm Water Management Plan, please visit

In response to the recent changes to the Ohio EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) general permit for storm water associated with construction activity, the Department has changed our policy.  We no longer require a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, but we now require a Project Site Plan.  For more information on the Project Site Plan, see Location and Design, Volume 3, Section 1308.  

Supplemental specification 832 has been created during for this process.  We have created this web page to assimilate all of the resources to provide guidance on this policy change.  If further questions arise, please contact David Riley.

The following guidance details the method to include the encumbered dollar amount for Item 832 Erosion Control, which is paid as an each item. 

Instructions to Districts:

1. Place your encumbered amount for Item 832E30000 on the C2 estimate. 

2. Place this same number in the Special Considerations field on the Plan Package Submittal Form.

3. Place the estimated quantity as a line item on the General Summary sheet in the plans. (This quantity, each, will equal the number of dollars of the encumbered amount.)

Example: It is estimated that erosion control will cost $15,000 on a project. Place the following on the General Summary sheet:

Item 832E30000 15,000 Each Erosion Control

Office of Estimating Actions:

1. The Office of Estimating will check the two numbers for confirmation.

2. The Office of Estimating will place the dollar amount on the Bid Sheet that the Contractor will use to bid the project.

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