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  Office of Hydraulic Engineering

Post Construction Storm Water BMP


Wetland along State Route 50, Athens County, Ohio 


 Post Construction BMP Overview


The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency requires post construction storm water management controls through the NPDES General Construction Permit. Post construction storm water BMP design guidance is found in the Location and Design Manual, Volume 2.  Post construction storm water BMP design support is available through the Office of Hydraulics by contacting  Becky Humphreys.

The below documents are provided to supplement the information found in the Location and Design Manual


 Supplemental BMP Guidance

Temporary Sediment and Erosion Control-BMP Estimator1/23/2017TSEC_BMP_estimator_2013.xlsTSEC_BMP_estimator_2013
BMP Inventory, Inspection, and Maintenance Guidelines3/4/2019ODOT Storm Water BMP Manual February 2019.pdfODOT Storm Water BMP Manual February 2019
BMP Calculation Spreadsheet1/18/2019BMP_Calcs_(Updated Jan 2019).xlsBMP_Calcs_(Updated Jan 2019)
While calculations for post-construction BMPs are needed, the use of this spreadsheet is not required.  Hand calculations or custom spreadsheets are acceptable.
Post-Construction BMP Review Checklist1/18/2019ODOT Post-Construction BMP Review Checklists(January 2019).docxODOT Post-Construction BMP Review Checklists(January 2019)
FAQ-Post-Construction BMP and NPDES 4/23/2020Post-Construction_FAQ_April 2020.pdfPost-Construction_FAQ_April 2020
Post-Construction BMP Review Checklists1/18/2019ODOT Post-Construction BMP Review Checklists(January 2019).pdfODOT Post-Construction BMP Review Checklists(January 2019)
ODOT NPDES Implementation Flowchart7/2/2020ODOT NPDES Implementation Flowchart.pdfODOT NPDES Implementation Flowchart

 Post-Construction BMP Design Examples

Detention Basin Example1/18/2019Detention Basin Example - Location and Design Manual Volume II - Figure 1117-6Detention Basin Example - Location and Design Manual Volume II - Figure 1117-6.pdf
Retention Basin Example1/18/2019Retention Basin Example - Location and Design Manual Volume II - Figure 1117-7Retention Basin Example - Location and Design Manual Volume II - Figure 1117-7.pdf
Vegetated Biofilter Example1/23/2017Vegetated Biofilter ExampleVegetated Biofilter Example.pdf

 Post-Construction BMP Presentations

Project Information Needs1/18/201901-Project Information Needs01-Project Information Needs.pdf
Regulatory Requirements1/18/201902-Regulatory Requirements02-Regulatory Requirements.pdf
BMP Selection1/18/201903-BMP Selection03-BMP Selection.pdf
Preliminary BMP Calculations1/18/201904-Preliminary BMP Calculations04-Preliminary BMP Calculations.pdf
Design Aids1/18/201905-Design Aids05-Design Aids.pdf
Vegetated Filter Strip Design1/18/201906-Veg Filter Strip Design06-Veg Filter Strip Design.pdf
Vegetated Biofilter Design1/18/201907-Veg Biofilter Design07-Veg Biofilter Design.pdf
Manufactured System Design1/18/201908-Manufactured System Design08-Manufactured System Design.pdf
Detention Basin Design1/18/201909-Detention Basin Design09-Detention Basin Design.pdf
Bioretention Cell Design 1/18/201910-Bioretention Cell Design10-Bioretention Cell Design.pdf
Design and Review Process1/18/201911-Design and Review Process11-Design and Review Process.pdf
Ditch and Bioretention8/1/2018Ditch and Bioretention (August 2018)Ditch and Bioretention (August 2018).pptx
ODOT BMP Inspection and Maintenance2/1/2020ODOT BMP Inspection and Maintenance TrainingODOT BMP Inspection and Maintenance Training.pptx
Roadway BMP Common Design Errors5/1/2018Roadway BMPs - Common Design Errors (May 2018)Roadway BMPs - Common Design Errors (May 2018).pptx
Vegetated Biofilter Design4/23/2020Vegetated Biofilter Design ClassVegetated Biofilter Design Class.pptx