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Office of Hydraulic Engineering

Hydraulic Standard Construction Drawings Archive


 SCD Archive Overview

The following is a collection of our available archived Hydraulic standard Construction Drawings.
The drawings are available in zip files containing Adobe PDFs and  
hyd_scd_index_7-15-11.dgn MicroStation DGN files (Note that DGNs may not be available for each revision).
Click on the link provided under the "Type" or "Name" column below to download each file.
Files listed as "updates" under the "Name" column only contain the files updated for that revision and do not include the full set of drawings.
Below you will also find a collection of historical SCD's available in zip files containing  Adobe PDFs.
These drawings range in age from the 1930's to the early 2000's.

 SCD Archive

January 2015.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, January 16, 2015
1/16/201538104 KB
hyd_scd_dgn+pdf_07-18-2014.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, July, 18, 2014
7/18/201438728 KB
hyd_scd_dgn+pdf_01-17-2014.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, January 17, 2014
1/17/201439171 KB
hyd_scd_pdf+dgn_07-19-2013.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, July 19, 2013
7/19/201337425 KB
hyd_scd_pdf+dgn_01-18-2013.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, January 18, 2013
1/18/201337219 KB
hyd_scd_dgn+pdf_07-20-12.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, July 20, 2012
7/20/201222550 KB
hyd_scd_updates_dgn+pdf_10-21-2011.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, October 21, 2011
10/21/20113378 KB
hyd_scd_updates_dgn+pdf_07-15-2011.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, July 15, 2011
7/15/2011940 KB
hyd_scd_pdf+dgn_01-21-11.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, January 21, 2011
1/21/201140839 KB
hyd_scd_pdf+dgn_10-15-10.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, October 15, 2010
10/15/201040915 KB
hyd_scd_pdf+dgn_4-17-09.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, April 17, 2009
4/17/200942073 KB
hyd_scd_pdf+dgn_10-17-08.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, October 17, 2008
10/17/200842354 KB
hyd_scd_pdf+dgn_4-21-06.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, April 21, 2006
4/21/200628019 KB
hyd_scd_updates_dgn+pdf_01-20-2006.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, January 20, 2006
1/20/20066119 KB
hyd_scd_pdf+dgn_10-21-05.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, October 21, 2005
10/21/200524045 KB
hyd_scd_dgn+pdf_07-15-2005.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, July 15, 2005
7/15/200523576 KB
hyd_scd_dgn+pdf_01-21-2005.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, January 21, 2005
1/21/20059251 KB
hyd_scd_pdf_2004.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, April & July 2004
4/16/200414338 KB
hyd_scd_updates_pdf+dgn_07-18-2003.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, July 18, 2003
7/18/2003702 KB
hyd_scd_dgn+pdf_07-19-02.zipHydraulic Standard Drawings, July 19, 2002
7/19/200217558 KB

 Historical SCDs

Construction Joints.zipConstruction Joints
2190 KB
Construction Methods.zipConstruction Methods
19546 KB
Drainage Misc.zipDrainage Miscellaneous
29066 KB
48187 KB
50777 KB
Pipe Culverts.zipPipe Culverts
28876 KB
Scale Pits.zipScale Pit
1854 KB
Swamp Treatment.zipSwamp Treatment
1495 KB
DrainsSewers1934to1958.zipDrains and Sewers
13206 KB
27945 KB
37219 KB
40808 KB
34085 KB
41646 KB
41075 KB
PavedGutters1933to1952.zipPaved Gutters
15038 KB
CatchBasins.zipCatch Basins
26549 KB
Additional Catch Basins.zipCatch Basins
30298 KB
Additional(2) Catch Basins.zipCatch Basins
46001 KB
I-8 CB 1of10 (No. 1-2to1-4).zipCatch Basins
50698 KB
I-8 CB 2of10 (No.2-2Ato2-4).zipCatch Basins
50955 KB
I-8 CB 3of10 (No. 2-5_2-6).zipCatch Basins
33985 KB
I-8 CB 4of10 (No.3).zipCatch Basins
30363 KB
I-8 CB 5of10 (No.3-A_No.4).zipCatch Basins
35877 KB
I-8 CB 6of10 (No.5to8).zipCatch Basins
45864 KB
I-8 CB 7of10 (No.8-Ato9-C).zipCatch Basins
49935 KB
I-8 CB 8of10 (No.10-Ato11-B).zipCatch Basins
45097 KB
I-8 CB 9of10 (No.11-Cto14-A).zipCatch Basins
44928 KB
I-8 CB 10of10 (No.14-Bto16).zipCatch Basins
48378 KB