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 Additional Information

Night Pavement Work Guidance.pdf
35 KB Designer Guide for Nighttime Pavement Work
49 KB Recommendations for Longitudinal Joints on Concrete Ramps
16 KB Guidelines for Small Quantity Asphalt
55 KB Use of Free Draining Base for Pavements
49 KB Superpave Implementation
95 KB Superpave Notes
Pavement Friction Design Guide 9 4 08.pdf
54 KB Surface Friction Guidelines
2278 KB Pavement Selection Advisory Council-Neutral Third Party Final Report
Young IOC to DDD - Ramp Pavement.pdf
23 KB Concrete Pavement on Service Interchange Ramps
14-0313 Generic Trackless Tack Plan Note.pdf
13 KB Plan Note for Trackless Tack
Trackless Tack Usage Guidelines rev 2014-08-18.pdf
52 KB Trackless Tack Usage Guidelines