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Office of Real Estate Training Academy

All Real Estate Academy classes have been cancelled and will be rescheduled at later date.



During 2020 the Office of Real Estate Administration will offer eighteen basic and advanced level courses as part of the regular program. Each training program is prepared and offered with the intention of achieving the following objectives:
1) provide cross-training opportunities for all current staff
2) provide a well-rounded program for new employees
3) provide courses in each right of way discipline to enhance performance of current duties.
4) provide right of way consultants with specific Ohio and ODOT rules for the right of way acquisitions process.
The classroom phase of the training program consists of lectures, problem solving, case studies, role-playing and the liberal use of audiovisual aids. To encourage greater student-instructor interaction and class participation, most courses are limited to 26 students. Student comprehension in all basic real estate related programs is measured by examinations, completion of assigned problems and class participation.
Supplemental programs, seminars and sponsored courses will be announced on an individual basis.
For further information regarding the training program and\or any person requiring a reasonable accommodation during training (i.e., audio, visual or mobile) should contact Stephanie Castner (614) 466-7490 prior to class date so appropriate arrangements can be made.
Prior to attending a course, please download your course's training manual. Bring the course manual download with you electronically or as a hard copy. No printed training manuals will be supplied at the course location.

 Training Links


 Property Management Training

2019 Property Management Indexed Handouts for Disposals Class.pdf
8419 KB
Participant’s Workbook(Device)(6-19-19).pdf
13651 KB
Participant’s Workbook(Print)(6-19-19).pdf
14000 KB

 Training LPA

Introduction to Federal-Aid RW Requirements for LPA Workbook.pdf
14290 KB

 R/W Prequalificaton Training

RW Prequal 1 Slide Per Page 2020.pdf
34632 KB 1 Slide per page
RW Prequal 2 Slide Per Page 2020.pdf
26144 KB 2 Slides per page

 Acquisition Training Manuals

2019 Acquisition 101 Student Handout.pdf
14072 KB
2019 Acquisition 103 (Part A) Manual.pdf
4389 KB
2019 Acquisition 103 Part A Case Study 2 (Tenant-Owned Improvement).pdf
4375 KB
2019 Acquisition 104 Course Student Handbook.pdf
444 KB
ACQUISITION 102 Part A• Indexed of Handouts 2019.pdf
1881 KB
ACQUISITION 102 Part A• Student Manual.pdf
11897 KB
ACQUISITION 102 Part B• Indexed of Handouts.pdf
395 KB
ACQUISITION 102 Part B• Student Manual.pdf
10325 KB
Acquisition 104 Case Study 1 2019 Student.pdf
39 KB
Acquisition 104 Case Study 2 2019 Student.pdf
69 KB
Acquisition 104 Case Study 3 2019 Student.pdf
64 KB
Pertinent Laws and Regs Governing the Acq of RW Part B.pdf
3263 KB
Slides Acquisition Plan Reading 2017.pdf
40928 KB

 Relocation Training Manual

Relocation 101 Participant’s Manual (2019).pdf
7234 KB
Relocation 201 - Participant’s Workbook (2019).pdf
9926 KB
Relocation 202 Participant's Workbook.pdf
11325 KB

 Appraisal Training Manuals

Appraisal Case Study 1 Cost to Cure Eliminates All Damages.pdf
384 KB
Appraisal Case Study 2 Cost to Cure Does NOT Eliminate All Damages.pdf
358 KB
Appraisal Case Study 3 Cost to Cure is NOT Feasible.pdf
373 KB
Appraisal Case Study 4 Implementing a Partial Cure.pdf
321 KB
Appraisal Case Study 5 No Cure is Possible.pdf
280 KB
Appraisal Case Study 6 A Limited Scope Appraisal.pdf
322 KB
Appraisal 325 PINs-Lease-Appraisals Parcel 16.pdf
29198 KB
Appraisal 325 PINs-RE95-Appraisal Parcel 21.pdf
12983 KB
Appraisal 325 RW Plan Sheets.pdf
37149 KB
Appraisal 325 View of Properties.pdf
719 KB
APPRAISAL 234 Student Manual  9-30-2015.pdf
17044 KB
Appraisal 105 Student Manual 10-6-2015.pdf
467 KB
Appraisal 325 Handout Primary 9-2015.pdf
6673 KB
APPRAISAL 104 Student Manual 10 23 2017.pdf
9304 KB