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Roadside Safety New Product Evaluation Process.pdfRoadside Safety New Product Evaluation Process.pdf 




















ODOT's Office of Roadway Engineering issues additional guidance for designers, vendors, and contractors with regards to proprietary Roadside Safety Devices.  Not all available products are proprietary.  Generic roadside safety devices are usually developed by state highway departments by using public research funds, and these products are generally available for any public entity to use.  Generic products are addressed on this page, ODOT's Location & Design Manual, Volume 1, Roadway Standard Construction Drawings, or Plan Insert Sheets.
ODOT is committed to embracing new roadside safety products, but only at its discretion, based on material, design, construction, maintenance, or performance concerns.  ODOT does not have to accept new proprietary products.  Vendors who desire to have ODOT consider other types of products for use on the state system, should contact the New Products Engineer at 614-351-2882.
Location and Design Manual (L&D)
Section 600 of L&D Volume 1 - Roadway Design presents information designers or contractors may need to appropriately place a roadside safety deviceSection 600 is titled Roadside Design and topics include Clear Zone, Barrier Warrants, Site Considerations, and Roadside Safety Devices.  Glare Screens, Shoulder Rumble Strips and Fencing round out the chapter.
Plan and Designer Notes
Many products are proprietary and the variations among them are difficult to describe in the L&D manual.  Additional information detailing the products and their differences are found in Plan Notes and Designer Notes.  The notes for Permanent Roadside Safety Devices are found in Appendix B of Volume 1.  For Work Zone Devices, look in Part 6 of the Traffic Engineering Manual.  As each product is different from another similar product by a different vendor, designers are cautioned to use engineering judgment when applying these notes.
Standard Construction Drawings
These drawings cover placement of barrier during construction, and usually deal with generic products.  Some proprietary products are mention by way of the ODOT Types as explained in above list of products.   Most of the GR and RM series concerns roadside safety.
Roadway Plan Insert Sheets
Plan Inserts are similar to Standard Drawings, but are not as widely used as the standards.  Or the may detail former standards that are still in place on the state highway system.  And they usually detail generic products in the same manner as the standard drawings.
Shop Drawings
ODOT chooses to represent proprietary roadside safety devices not as ODOT standard drawings or plan insert sheets, but as pre-approved "shop" drawings.  The manufacturer's drawing is not altered except for clarity.  Each manufacturer has many variations for each of their products, often to comply with the wishes of individual state transportation departments.  A product's approved drawing is for the particular variation ODOT desires to have installed on Ohio's highway system.  Other variations of the product are not allowed. 



Roadside Safety New Product Evaluation Process.pdfRoadside Safety New Product Evaluation Process.pdf