Roadway Engineering Plan Insert Sheets

The Office of Roadway Engineering maintains the following Roadway Plan Insert Sheets.

Concrete Barrier Transition
  -  V8  PDF
Transition from Single Slope to New Jersey concrete barrier.

Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type BR-1  -  V8  PDF
This bridge terminal assembly is to be used when upgrading guardrail connected to 27" bridge parapets (BR-1) from 1979 to 1989. 

 Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type 1, Steel Curb Assembly Retrofit V8 PDF
This steel curb retrofit is to be used with BTA
GR 3.1 dated 4/18/03, 1/19/07, and 10/16/09 and
GR 3.5 dated 4/18/03 and 4/16/10 
that were constructed without a concrete curb.

  Portable Concrete Barrier "Y" Connector -V8 PDF
Connection between two runs of PCB and one run or impact attenuator. 
 Guardrail Type 5MR - V8  PDF
Both sides of Type 5 Barrier Guardrail shall have cross slopes that are 10:1 or flatter.  Type 5MR Barrier Guardrail shall have a cross slopes of 10:1 on one side and up to 6:1 cross slope on the median side with the added rub rail.


 Type 5 Guardrail

GR-1.1  Guardrail Details  -  V8  PDF

GR-2.1  Guardrail Type 5 & 5A -  V8  PDF

GR-2.2  Nested Type 5 Guardrail With Tubular Backup  -  V8  PDF

GR-2.3  25' Long-Span Guardrail -  V8  PDF

GR-2.4  Long Span Guardrail Across Guardrail  -  V8  PDF

GR-3.1  Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type  1  -  V8  PDF

GR-3.2 Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type 2  -  V8  PDF

GR-3.3  Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type 3  -  V8  PDF

GR-3.4   Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type 4  -  V8  PDF

GR-3.5   Bridge Terminal Assembly, Barrier Design  -  V8  PDF

GR-3.6   Bridge Terminal Assembly, Type TST  -  V8  PDF

GR-4.1  Type A Anchor Assembly  -  V8  PDF

GR-4.2 Type T Anchor Assembly  -  V8  PDF

GR-4.5  Guardrail Type 8 Buried in Backslope  -  V8  PDF

GR-5.1  Guardrail Flare Details  -  V8  PDF

GR-5.2  Introduction of Guardrail Runs (Foreslopes 6:1 or Flatter)  -  V8  PDF

GR-5.3  Introduction of Guardrail Runs (Foreslopes 6:1 or Steeper)  -  V8  PDF

GR-6.1  Guardrail At Bridges -  V8  PDF

GR-6.2  Guardrail At Piers-  V8  PDF

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