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Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD)

1972 Edition, Revision 21

The Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) establishes statewide standards for the design and use of traffic control devices on all public highway in Ohio. The current OMUTCD is the 2012 Edition, published January 13, 2012.

Revision 21 of the 1972 Edition of the OMUTCD, published in 1999, is available below for viewing or downloading. Please note that the signs shown in this manual may not be color accurate, for example, the background for some yellow signs in the Warning Chapter may appear orange. Also, this edition had an Addendum which should be viewed any time you view Parts 2 and 6 of this Edition of the OMUTCD, in case the Addendum has a change to the Section you're viewing.


 OMUTCD 1972 Edition, Revision 21 by Parts

Addendumfile 00_Addendum.pdf8337 KB
Cover Sheet, Errata Sheet, Record of Revisions, Title Sheet and Overall Table of Contentsfile 01_CoverSheet_errata_RofR_title page_TOC.pdf8632 KB
Part 01, General Provisionsfile 02_Part1_GeneralProvisions.pdf3762 KB
Part 02, Standard Signsfile 03a_Standardsigns.pdf4682 KB
Part 02. Regulatory Signs (file 1/2)file 03b_Part2_Regulatory_files1-2.pdf30465 KB
Part 02, Regulatory Signs (file 2/2)file 03b_Part2_Regulatory_files3-4.pdf25021 KB
Part 02, Warning Signs (file 1/2)file 03c_Part2_warning_files1- 2-3.pdf38509 KB
Part 02, Warning Signs (file 2/2)file 03c_Part2_warning_files4-5.pdf25420 KB
Part 02, Guide Signs - General TOC and Introduction file 03d_Part2_GuideSigns_TOCandIntroduction.pdf3978 KB
Part 02, Guide Signs - Route Markings (file 1/2)file 03e_Part2_Route Markings_files1-3.pdf28841 KB
Part 02, Guide Signs - Route Markings (file 2/2)file 03e_Part2_Route Markings_files4-5.pdf22550 KB
Part 02, Guide Signs - Conventional Roads (file 1/2)file 03f_Part2_GuideSignsConventional_files1-2.pdf33944 KB
Part 02, Guide Signs - Conventional Roads (file 2/2)file 03f_Part2_GuideSignsConventional_files3-4.pdf24260 KB
Part 02, Guide Signs - Freeways & Expressways file 03g_Part2_GuideSignsFreewayExpressway_files1-2.pdf34326 KB
Part 03, Markingsfile 04_Part3_Markings_files1-5.pdf37559 KB
Part 04, Islandsfile 05_Part4_Islands.pdf4352 KB
Part 05, Zones file 06_Part5_Zones_files1-2.pdf20818 KB
Part 06, Signals (file 1/2)file 07_Part6_Signals_files1-4.pdf36582 KB
Part 06, Signals (file 2/2)file 07_Part6_Signals_files5-6.pdf11182 KB
Part 07, Construction (file 1/2)file 08_Part7_Construction_files1-2-3.pdf18963 KB
Part 07, Construction (file 2/2)file 08_Part7_Construction_files4-5.pdf23450 KB
Part 09, Bicycle Facilitiesfile 09_Part9_BikeFacilities.pdf13424 KB
Appendix A, Definitionsfile 10_Appendix_A.pdf4948 KB
Appendix B, ORC Referencesfile 11_Appendix_B.pdf10878 KB
Appendix C, Sign Indexfile 12_Appendix_C.pdf18799 KB