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Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD)

2003 Edition


The Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD) establishes statewide standards for the design and use of traffic control devices on all public highway in Ohio. The current OMUTCD is the 2012 Edition, published January 13, 2012.

The 2003 Edition of the OMUTCD is available below for viewing or downloading. The file is set up for printing as a two-sided document. As noted below, the OMUTCD is not available in paper format.

Miscellaneous Information

A listing of the major differences between the Revision 21 of the 1972 Edition of the OMUTCD and the 2003 Edition can be accessed below.

The 2003 Edition of the OMUTCD adopted a sign code numbering system based on that of the national MUTCD. For a cross-reference guide between the old and new sign code numbers see Sign Designs and Markings Manual (SDMM) link on the left.


 OMUTCD 2003 Major Changes List

OMUTCD 2003 Major Changes list OMUTCD 2003_major changes_111703.pdf181 KB

 OMUTCD 2003 Complete

OMUTCD 2003 CompleteOMUTCD2003 _complete.pdf37562 KB
OMUTCD 2003 CompleteOM_2003_complete.zip33089 KB

 OMUTCD 2003 by Parts

OMUTCD 2003 cover insertcover insert_corrected_071003.pdf79 KB
OMUTCD 2003 cover spinecover spine_060503.pdf184 KB
Title Sheet, Preface, Revision Record, Overall TOC and Introductionfile 01 thru 05_OMUTCD Title sheet  and other preface materials_060503.pdf416 KB
Part 01, Generalfile 06_OMUTCD Part01_062303_withTOC.pdf786 KB
Part 02, Signsfile 07_OMUTCD Part02_060503_withTOC_revised.pdf9184 KB
Part 03, Markingsfile 08_OMUTCD Part03_053003_withTOC.pdf4561 KB
Part 04, Traffic Signalsfile 09_OMUTCD Part04_062303_withTOC_revised.pdf2121 KB
Part 05, Traffic Controls for Low-Volume Roadsfile 10_OMUTCD Part05_060103_withTOC_revised.pdf1239 KB
Part 06, Temporary Traffic Controlfile 11_OMUTCD Part06_053003_withTOC.pdf11696 KB
Part 07, School Area Traffic Controlsfile 12_OMUTCD Part07_060203_withTOC.pdf1036 KB
Part 08, Traffic Controls for Highway-Rail Grade Crossingsfile 13_OMUTCD Part08_060103_withTOC.pdf2221 KB
Part 09, Traffic Controls for Bicycle Facilititesfile 14_OMUTCD Part09_060103_withTOC.pdf2179 KB
Part 10, Traffic Controls for Lite Rail-Highway Grade Crossingsfile 15_OMUTCD Part10_060203_withTOC.pdf1570 KB
Appendix A1, MUTCD Legislationfile 16_OMUTCD Appendix A1_050103.pdf109 KB
Appendix B1, ORC Cross-Referencefile 17_OMUTCD Appendix B1_042903.pdf102 KB
Appendix B2, ORC Sectionsfile 18_OMUTCD Appendix B2_050503.pdf436 KB
Appendix C, Signing Indexfile 19_OMUTCD Appendix C_050803.pdf42 KB
Appendix D, Index/Notesfile 20_OMUTCD Appendix D_Index_notes060503.pdf57 KB