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Revision Sets

A Revision Set includes:  1.) a Revision Log that describes, in list form, the changes made to Traffic Standard Construction Drawings (SCDs) and/or Plan Insert Sheets (PISs); and 2.) the new and/or revised SCD, and/or PIS, drawings issued with that revision. 

* Revision Sets that included changes to both SCDs and PISs, or changes to only SCDs, are listed on the SCD   website.

** Revision Sets that included only PIS changes are listed below.



 Traffic PIS Revision Sets (not on the SCD Revision Sets webpage)

PIS_Revision_041913.pdf04/19/13 PIS Revision Set567 KB 4/19/2013
PIS_Revision_022510.pdf02/25/10 PIS Revision Set119 KB 2/25/2010
PIS Revision_020110.pdf02/01/10 PIS Revision Set130 KB 2/1/2010
PIS Revision_041808.pdf04/18/08 PIS Revision Set108 KB 4/18/2008
PIS Revision_072007.pdf07/27/07 PIS Revision Set635 KB 7/27/2007
PIS Revision_042007.pdf04/20/07 PIS Revision Set687 KB 4/20/2007
PIS Revision_011907.pdf01/19/07 PIS Revision Set914 KB 1/19/2007
PIS Revision_112706.pdf11/27/06 PIS Revision Set8108 KB 11/27/2006