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Highway Lighting (HL) SCDs


 Current Drawings (.dgn and .pdf files)

HL_00_SCD_Book_011720Rev_122619.pdfHL COMPLETE DOWNLOAD FILE - 01/17/203833 KB 1/17/2020
HL-010.11_2019-07-19.dgnHL-10.11, Light Pole Styles284 KB 7/19/2019
HL-010.11_2019-07-19.pdfHL-10.11, Light Pole Styles173 KB 7/19/2019
HL_01012_2017-01-20.dgnHL-10.12, Light Pole Details187 KB 1/20/2017
HL_01012_2017-01-20.pdfHL-10.12, Light Pole Details159 KB 1/20/2017
HL_01013_2020-01-17.dgnHL-10.13, Pole Base Details136 KB 1/17/2020
HL_01013_2020-01-17.pdfHL-10.13, Pole Base Details150 KB 1/17/2020
HL_01015_2015-07-17.dgnHL-10.15, Extension of Median Barrier Anchor Bolts72 KB 7/17/2015
HL_01015_2015-07-17.pdfHL-10.15, Extension of Median Barrier Anchor Bolts100 KB 7/17/2015
HL_01031_2018-01-19(2).dgnHL-10.31, Light Tower Details149 KB 1/19/2018
HL_01031_2018-01-19(2).pdfHL-10.31, Light Tower Details205 KB 1/19/2018
HL_02011_2017-04-21.dgnHL-20.11, Misc. Light Pole Foundation & Trench Details207 KB 4/21/2017
HL_02011_2017-04-21.pdfHL-20.11, Misc. Light Pole Foundation & Trench Details215 KB 4/21/2017
HL_02013_2018-01-19(2).dgnHL-20.13, Median Mounted Light Poles with Permissible Construction Joint284 KB 1/19/2018
HL_02013_2018-01-19(2).pdfHL-20.13, Median Mounted Light Poles with Permissible Construction Joint256 KB 1/19/2018
HL_02014_2020-01-17.dgnHL-20.14, Structure Lighting: Lighting Pole Pilasters161 KB 1/17/2020
HL_02014_2020-01-17.pdfHL-20.14, Structure Lighting: Lighting Pole Pilasters199 KB 1/17/2020
HL_02021_2018-01-19.dgnHL-20.21, Light Tower Foundations100 KB 1/19/2018
HL_02021_2018-01-19.pdfHL-20.21, Light Tower Foundations173 KB 1/19/2018
HL_02024_2018-01-19(2).dgnHL-20.24, Foundation for Median-Mounted Light Tower106 KB 1/19/2018
HL_02024_2018-01-19(2).pdfHL-20.24, Foundation for Median-Mounted Light Tower101 KB 1/19/2018
HL_03011_2019-07-19.dgnHL-30.11, Pull Box Details148 KB 7/19/2019
HL_03011_2019-07-19.pdfHL-30.11, Pull Box Details207 KB 7/19/2019
HL_03021_2014-01-17.dgnHL-30.21, Roadway Conduit Details I117 KB 1/17/2014
HL_03021_2014-01-17.pdfHL-30.21, Roadway Conduit Details I80 KB 1/17/2014
HL_03022_2014-01-17.dgnHL-30.22, Roadway Conduit Details II179 KB 1/17/2014
HL_03022_2014-01-17.pdfHL-30.22, Roadway Conduit Details II142 KB 1/17/2014
HL_03031_2020-01-17.dgnHL-30.31, Structure Conduit Details I130 KB 1/17/2020
HL_03031_2020-01-17.pdfHL-30.31, Structure Conduit Details I80 KB 1/17/2020
HL_03032_2020-01-17.dgnHL-30.32, Structure Conduit Details II104 KB 1/17/2020
HL_03032_2020-01-17.pdfHL-30.32, Structure Conduit Details II108 KB 1/17/2020
HL_03033_2020-01-17.dgnHL-30.33, Structure Conduit Details III72 KB 1/17/2020
HL_03033_2020-01-17.pdfHL-30.33, Structure Conduit Details III62 KB 1/17/2020
HL_03041_2018-01-19(2).dgnHL-30.41, Median Junction Box76 KB 1/19/2018
HL_03041_2018-01-19(2).pdfHL-30.41, Median Junction Box111 KB 1/19/2018
HL_04010_2017-01-20.dgnHL-40.10, Power Service, Pole Mounted103 KB 1/20/2017
HL_04010_2017-01-20.pdfHL-40.10, Power Service, Pole Mounted157 KB 1/20/2017
HL_04020_2020-01-17.dgnHL-40.20, Power Service, Ground Mounted162 KB 1/17/2020
HL_04020_2020-01-17.pdfHL-40.20, Power Service, Ground Mounted306 KB 1/17/2020
HL_05011_2015-01-16.dgnHL-50.11, Grounding Details77 KB 1/16/2015
HL_05011_2015-01-16.pdfHL-50.11, Grounding Details88 KB 1/16/2015
HL_05021_2019-01-18.dgnHL-50.21, Structure Grounding318 KB 1/18/2019
HL_05021_2019-01-18.pdfHL-50.21, Structure Grounding412 KB 1/18/2019
HL_06011_2017-07-21.dgnHL-60.11, Pole Wiring I103 KB 7/21/2017
HL_06011_2017-07-21.pdfHL-60.11, Pole Wiring I93 KB 7/21/2017
HL_06012_2016-07-15.dgnHL-60.12, Pole Wiring II107 KB 7/15/2016
HL_06012_2016-07-15.pdfHL-60.12, Pole Wiring II111 KB 7/15/2016
HL_06021_2018-07-20.dgnHL-60.21, Tower Wiring Details74 KB 7/20/2018
HL_06021_2018-07-20.pdfHL-60.21, Tower Wiring Details59 KB 7/20/2018
HL_06031_2020-01-17.dgnHL-60.31, Control Center Wiring125 KB 1/17/2020
HL_06031_2020-01-17.pdfHL-60.31, Control Center Wiring230 KB 1/17/2020