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Traffic Standard Construction Drawing (SCD) Archive


 Index Archive

SCD_041720_Index_040220.pdfSCD Index - 04/17/20202 KB 4/17/2020
SCD_011720_Index_010620.pdfSCD Index - 01/17/20203 KB 1/17/2020
SCD_101819_Index.pdfSCD Index - 10/18/1990 KB 10/18/2019
SCD_071919_Index_060519.pdfSCD Index - 07/19/19100 KB 7/19/2019
SCD_041919_Index_040819.pdfSCD Index - 04/19/1999 KB 4/19/2019
SCD_011819_Index_122418.pdfSCD Index - 01/18/19100 KB 1/18/2019
SCD_072018_Index_070518.pdfSCD Index - 07/20/1895 KB 7/20/2018
SCD_011918_Index_010218.pdfSCD Index - 01/19/18274 KB 1/19/2018
SCD_072117_Index_063017.pdfSCD Index - 07/21/17246 KB 7/21/2017
SCD_042117_Index_041417.pdfSCD Index - 04/21/17194 KB 4/21/2017
SCD_012017_Index_120216.pdfSCD Index - 01/20/17247 KB 1/20/2017
SCD_071516_Index_071816.pdfSCD Index - 07/15/16 245 KB 7/15/2016
SCD_011516_Index_112715.pdfSCD Index - 01/15/16244 KB 1/15/2016
SCD_101615_Index_101315_2.pdfSCD Index - 10/16/1543 KB 10/16/2015
SCD_071715_Index_070915.pdfSCD Index - 07/17/15 41 KB 7/17/2015
SCD_011615_Index_122614.pdfSCD Index - 01/16/1530 KB 1/16/2015
3. SCD_Index_071814Revision_071414.pdfSCD Index - 07/18/1430 KB 7/18/2014
SCD_Index_011714Revision_011614.pdfSCD Index - 01/17/1429 KB 1/17/2014
SCD_Index_101813Revision_102113.pdfSCD Index - 10/18/1330 KB 10/18/2013
SCD_Index_071913Revision_100413.pdfSCD Index - 07/19/1331 KB 7/19/2013
SCD_Index_011813Revision_122012.pdfSCD Index - 01/18/1331 KB 1/18/2013
SCD_Index_011813Revision_022813_CORRECTED.pdfSCD Index - 01/18/13 (corrected 02/28/13...MT-95.50 date)31 KB 1/18/2013
SCD_Index_101912Revsion_101212.pdfSCD Index - 10/19/1230 KB 10/19/2012
SCD_Index_072012Revsion_07172012.pdfSCD Index - 07/20/1229 KB 7/20/2012
SCD_Index_042012Revsion_041912.pdfSCD Index - 04/20/12 29 KB 4/20/2012
SCD_index_012012_Revision_012012.pdfSCD Index - 01/20/12 233 KB 1/20/2012
SCD_Index_102111Revision_101911.pdfSCD Index - 10/21/11 232 KB 10/21/2011
SCD_Index_071511_Revision.pdfSCD Index - 07/15/11 238 KB 7/15/2011
SCD_index_041511_Revision.pdfSCD Index - 04/15/11 234 KB 4/15/2011
SCD_index_012111_Revision.pdfSCD Index - 01/21/11 316 KB 1/21/2011
SCD_index_101510_Revision.pdfSCD Index - 10/15/10 313 KB 10/15/2010
SCD_Index_071610_revision.pdfSCD Index - 07/16/10 314 KB 7/16/2010
SCD_Index_052110Revision.pdfSCD Index - 05/21/10 310 KB 5/21/2010
SCD_Index_052010.pdfSCD Index - 05/20/10 317 KB 5/20/2010
SCD_index_041610.PDFSCD Index - 04/16/10313 KB 4/16/2010
SCD_index_011510.pdfSCD Index - 01/15/10322 KB 1/15/2010
SCD_INDEX_101609.pdfSCD Index - 10/16/09324 KB 10/16/2009
SCD_Index_071709.pdfSCD Index - 07/17/09313 KB 7/17/2009
SCD_INDEX_041709.pdfSCD Index - 04/17/09400 KB 4/17/2009
scd_index_030609.pdfSCD Index - 03/06/09414 KB 3/6/2009
scd_index_011609.pdfSCD Index - 01/16/09398 KB 1/16/2009
SCD_Index_071808.pdfSCD Index - 07/18/08700 KB 7/18/2008
SCD_Index_011907.pdfSCD Index - 01/19/07993 KB 1/19/2007
SCD_Index_102006.pdfSCD Index - 10/20/06301 KB 10/20/2006
SCD_index_042106.pdfSCD Index - 04/21/06286 KB 4/21/2006
SCD_Index_071604.pdfSCD Index - 07/16/04327 KB 7/16/2004
SCD_Index_071803.pdfSCD Index - 07/18/03365 KB 7/18/2003

 Archived Highway Lighting (HL) Drawings

HL_1011_.pdfHL-10.11, Light Pole Styles2072 KB
HL_1012.pdfHL-10.12, Light Pole Details3416 KB
HL_1013.pdfHL-10.13, Pole Base Details2664 KB
HL_1015.pdfHL-10.15, Extension of Median Barrier Anchor Bolts125 KB
HL_1031.pdfHL-10.31, Light Tower Details2617 KB
HL_2011(3).pdfHL-20.11, Misc. Light Pole Foundation & Trench Details7794 KB
HL_2013(2).pdfHL-20.13, Median Mounted Light Poles with Permissible Construction Joint4309 KB
HL_2014(2).pdfHL-20.14, Structure Lighting: Lighting Pole Pilasters3465 KB
HL_2015.pdfHL-20.15, Structure Lighting II (Deleted 07/16/04)210 KB
HL_2021.pdfHL-20.21, Light Tower Foundations5874 KB
HL_2022.pdfHL-20.22, Light Tower Maintenance Platforms I (Deleted 10/19/01)199 KB
HL_2023.pdfHL-20.23, Light Tower Maintenance Platform II (Deleted 10/19/01)171 KB
HL_2024.pdfHL-20.24, Foundation for Median-Mounted Light Tower847 KB
HL_2031.pdfHL-20.31, Underpass Lighting (Deleted)126 KB
HL_3011(3).pdfHL-30.11, Pull Box Details5196 KB
HL_3021(2).pdfHL-30.21, Roadway Conduit Details I965 KB
HL_3022(2).pdfHL-30.22, Roadway Conduit Details II5163 KB
HL_3031(2).pdfHL-30.31, Structure Conduit Details I1419 KB
HL_3032(2).pdfHL-30.32, Structure Conduit Details II (Integral / Semi-Integral Abutments)1126 KB
HL_3033(2).pdfHL-30.33, Structure Conduit Details III1351 KB
HL_3041(2).pdfHL-30.41, Median Junction Box1023 KB
HL_4010(4).pdfHL-40.10, Power Service, Pole-Mounted6116 KB
HL_4020(3).pdfHL-40.20, Power Service3028 KB
HL_5011.pdfHL-50.11, Grounding Details4022 KB
HL_5021_.pdfHL-50.21, Structure Grounding6534 KB
HL_5022.pdfHL-50.22, Structure Grounding Concrete Slab Bridge (Deleted 01/21/05)79 KB
HL_6011.pdfHL-60.11, Pole Wiring I5307 KB
HL_6012.pdfHL-60.12, Pole Wiring II4596 KB
HL_6021.pdfHL-60.21, Tower Wiring Details3886 KB
HL_6031.pdfHL-60.31, Control Center Wiring5689 KB

 Archived Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Drawings

ITS_01010b.pdfITS-10.10, CCTV Assembly Details, Ground-Mounted Cabinet529 KB
ITS_01011b.pdfITS-10.11, Pull Box and Conduit Details, CCTV with Ground-Mounted Cabinet324 KB
ITS_01110b.pdfITS-11.10, CCTV Assembly Details, Pole-Mounted Cabinet425 KB
ITS_01111b.pdfITS-11.11 Pull Box and Conduit Details, CCTV with Pole-Mounted Cabinet251 KB
ITS_01210b.pdfITS-12.10, Concrete CCTV Camera Pole1190 KB
ITS_01250b.pdfITS-12.50, CCTV Signal Pole Mounting588 KB
ITS_01310b.pdfITS-13.10, Communication Service Details222 KB
ITS_01410b.pdfITS-14.10, Pull Box and Conduit Details151 KB
ITS_01411b.pdfITS-14.11, 32" Pull Box with Pad282 KB
ITS_01420b.pdfITS-14.20, 48" Pull Box602 KB
ITS_01450b.pdfITS-14.50, Median Conduit and Pull Box Details214 KB
ITS_01510(2).pdfITS-15.10, Power-Service, Ground-Mounted Details1030 KB
ITS_01511(3).pdfITS-15.11, Power Service, Pole-Mounted Details1323 KB
ITS_01800b.pdfITS-18.00, Ground-Mounted ITS Cabinet Equipment Layout163 KB
ITS_02010b.pdfITS-20.10, Highway Advisory Radion (HAR), Pole and Beacon Sign Details123 KB
ITS_03011b.pdfITS-30.11, Dynamic Message Sign - Pedestal Catwalk383 KB
ITS_03012b.pdfITS-30.12, Dynamic Message Sign - Pedestal Foundation (ROW)81 KB
ITS_03013c.pdfITS-30.13, Dynamic Message Sign - Pedestal Support569 KB
ITS_03014b.pdfITS-30.14, Dynamic Message Sign Pedestal - Pull Box and Conduit Details159 KB
ITS_03511.pdfITS-35.11, Dynamic Message Sign - Truss Catwalk1194 KB
ITS_03512b.pdfITS-35.12, Dynamic Message Sign, Truss Foundation (ROW)150 KB
ITS_03513b.pdfITS-35.13, Dynamic Message Sign - Truss Support (Max. 80')713 KB
ITS_03514b.pdfITS-35.14, Dynamic Message Sign - Truss Support (81' to 150')798 KB
ITS_03612b.pdfITS-36.12, Dynamic Message Sign - Truss & Pedestal Foundations (Concrete Barrier)193 KB
ITS_04010b.pdfITS-40.10, Destination Dynamic Message Sign763 KB
ITS_05010d.pdfITS-50.10, Site Grounding669 KB
ITS_05011(2).pdfITS-50.11, Step-Down Transformer & Support Details791 KB
ITS_05012b.pdfITS-50.12, Work Pad - Sloped Area192 KB
ITS_06010(2).pdfITS-60.10, Vehicle Detector Assembly306 KB
ITS_07610(2).pdfITS-76.10, Ramp Meter Installation - Mast Arm3142 KB

 Archived Maintaining Traffic (MT) Drawings

MT_03510.pdfMT-35.10, Flashing Arrow Panel (Deleted 04/20/12)546 KB
MT_03511.pdfMT-35.11, Flashing Arrow Panel Notes (Deleted 04/20/01)3896 KB
MT_09530z.pdfMT-95.30, Closing Right or Left Lane of a Multi-Lane Divided Highway6502 KB
MT_09531z.pdfMT-95.31, Closing Right Lanes of a Multi-Lane Undivided Highway with Drums6142 KB
MT_09532z.pdfMT-95.32, Closing Left Lanes of a Multi-Lane Undivided Highway with Drums5688 KB
MT_09540z.pdfMT-95.40, Closing Right or Left Lanes of a Multi-Lane Divided Highway with Portable Barrier8633 KB
MT_09541z.pdfMT-95.41, Closing Right Lanes of a Multi-Lane Undivided Highway with Portable Barrier6891 KB
MT_09545z.pdfMT-95.45, Closing Shoulder of a Multi-Lane Divided Highway2503 KB
MT_09550z.pdfMT-95.50, Supplemental Advanced Signs Used with Lane Closures1643 KB
MT_09560z.pdfMT-95.60, Closure of Two-Way Left Turn Lane1698 KB
MT_09561z.pdfMT-95.61, Closure of Thru Lane of Three Lane Section with Two-Way Left Turn Lane1990 KB
MT_09570z.pdfMT-95.70, Median Crossover - Single Lane5750 KB
MT_09571z.pdfMT-95.71, Median Crossover - Multi-Lane4581 KB
MT_09572z.pdfMT-95.72, Median Crossover of Passing Lane, Short Distance3630 KB
MT_09573z.pdfMT-95.73, Median Crossover of Passing Lane, Long Distance3376 KB
MT_09580.pdfMT-95.80, Two-Lane, Two-Way Operation for Use on Four Lane Divided Roadways (Asphalt Curb Divided) (Deleted 07/18/08)651 KB
MT_09581.pdfMT-95.81, Two-Lane, Two-Way Operation for Use on Four Lane Divided Roadways (Asphalt Curb Divider With Delieation) (Deleted 07/18/08)286 KB
MT_09582z.pdfMT-95.82, Adjustments for Two-Lane, Two-Way Operations on Four-Lane Divided Roadways398 KB
MT_09610.pdfMT-96.10, Signalized Closing 1 Lane of a 2 Lane Highway with Drums (Deleted 01/16/09)469 KB
MT_09611z.pdfMT-96.11, Signalized Closing 1 Lane of a 2-Lane Highway9235 KB
MT_09620z.pdfMT-96.20, Details for Signalized Closing 1 Lane of a 2-Lane Highway2633 KB
MT_09621.pdfMT-96.21, Details for Signalized Closing 1 Lane of a 2-Lane Highway - Overhead Mounted (Deleted 01/16/09)187 KB
MT_09625.pdfMT-96.25, Pre-Timed Wiring Diagram for Signalized Closing 1 Lane of a 2-Lane Highway (Deleted 01/16/09)251 KB
MT_09626z.pdfMT-96.26, Typical Wiring Diagram for One Signal Head and One Detector1173 KB
MT_09710z.pdfMT-97.10, Flagger Closing 1 Lane of a 2-Lane Highway - Stationary Operation3646 KB
MT_09711z.pdfMT-97.11, Flagger Closing 1 Lane of a 2-Lane Highway for Paving Operation (Non-Fed Only)2919 KB
MT_09712z.pdfMT-97.12, Flagger Closing 1 Lane of a 2-Lane Highway for Paving Operations (Fed)3167 KB
MT_09720z.pdfMT-97.20, Temporary Portable Rumble Strips for Use with 1-Lane 2-Way Operation Using Flaggers541 KB
MT_09810z.pdfMT-98.10, Lane Closure at Entrance Ramp4102 KB
MT_09811z.pdfMT-98.11, Lane Closure at Entrance Ramp Acceleration Lane4987 KB
MT_09812.pdfMT-98.12, Lane Closure in Deceleration Lane (Deleted 10/19/07)528 KB
MT_09813.pdfMT-98.13, Lane Closure Before Exit Gore (Deleted 10/19/07)705 KB
MT_09814.pdfMT-98.14, Lane Closure at Exit Gore (Deleted 10/19/07)621 KB
MT_09815.pdfMT-98.15, Lane Closure at Entrance Ramp - Plan A (Deleted 10/19/07)648 KB
MT_09816.pdfMT-98.16, Lane Closure at Entrance Ramp - Plan B (Deleted 10/19/07)633 KB
MT_09817.pdfMT-98.17, Typical Lane Closure in Deceleration Lane and Ramp for Closing Inside Portion of Curve (Deleted 10/19/07)363 KB
MT_09818.pdfMT-98.18, Typical Lane Closure in Ramp for Closing Outside Portion of Curve (Deleted 10/19/07)414 KB
MT_09819.pdfMT-98.19, Exit Ramp Closure (Deleted 10/19/07)194 KB
MT_09820z.pdfMT-98.20, Lane Closure at Exit Ramp Using Drums3581 KB
MT_09821z.pdfMT-98.21, Lane Closure at Exit Ramp Using Portable Barrier4088 KB
MT_09822z.pdfMT-98.22, Lane Closure in Deceleration Lane3290 KB
MT_09828z.pdfMT-98.28, Lane Closure Within Exit Ramp4180 KB
MT_09829z.pdfMT-98.29, Exit Ramp Closure1545 KB
MT_09830z.pdfMT-98.30, Intersection Entrance Ramp and Turn Bay Closures1947 KB
MT_09910.pdfMT-99.10, Work Zone Pavement Markers and Signs (Deleted)411 KB
MT_09920z.pdfMT-99.20, Traffic Control for Long Line Pavement Marking Operations4278 KB
MT_09930z.pdfMT-99.30, Work Zone Delineation1635 KB
MT_09931.pdfMT-99.31, Transition Area Delineation for Crossovers (Deleted 04/15/05)79 KB
MT_09950z.pdfMT-99.50, Freeway/Expressway Closure in Work Zones1631 KB
MT_09951.pdfMT-99.51, Freeway / Expressway Closure Using Temporary Concrete Median Barrier (Deleted 01/16/09)237 KB
MT_09960z.pdfMT-99.60, Short-Term Closure of Multi-Lane Divided Highway151 KB
MT_10000z.pdfMT-100.00, Work Zone Crossover Lighting System1666 KB
MT_10120.pdfMT-101.20, Work Zone Raised Pavement Markers (Deleted 07/18/08)434 KB
MT_10160z.pdfMT-101.60, Road Closure Using Type 3 Barricades2874 KB
MT_10170z.pdfMT-101.70, Barrier and Impact Attenuator Delineation3864 KB
MT_10175z.pdfMT-101.75, Impact Attenuator Placement257 KB
MT_10180z.pdfMT-101.80, PCB to Permanent Barrier Transitions500 KB
MT_10190(3).pdfMT-101.90, Drop-Offs in Work Zones3233 KB
MT_10210z.pdfMT-102.10, Lane Shift on a Multi-Lane Highway Using Portable Barrier6469 KB
MT_10220z.pdfMT-102.20, Lane Shift on a Multi-Lane Highway Using Drums4545 KB
MT_10230z.pdfMT-102.30, Lane Shift Signing Incorporating Speed Limit and Penalties Signing1180 KB
MT_10310z.pdfMT-103.10, Construction Access Points956 KB
MT_10410z.pdfMT-104.10, Work Zone Speed Zones (WZSZs) on High-Speed (>=55 MPH) Multi-Lane Highways709 KB
MT_10510z.pdfMT-105.10, Temporary Sign Support2126 KB
MT_10511.pdfMT-105.11, Temporary Sign Support II (Deleted 01/16/09)2320 KB
MT_11010z.pdfMT-110.00 Pedestrian Detour Methods1803 KB
MT_11020.pdfMT-110.20, Detour of Pedestrians to Other Side of Street (Deleted 01/16/09)421 KB
MT_11030.pdfMT-110.30, Detour of Pedestrians to Another Facility (Deleted 01/16/09)405 KB
MT_12000z.pdfMT-120.00, New Signal Activation1833 KB
MT_125.00(3).pdfMT-125.00, 2-Way Stop to 4-Way Stop Conversion 615 KB
MT_125.50(3).pdfMT-125.50, Conversion of Overhead Flasher to 2-Way or 4-Way Stop254 KB

 Archived Traffic Control (TC) Drawings

TC_00765.pdfTC-7.65, Aluminum Truss Overhead Sign Support (Deleted 4/17/20)7508 KB
TC_00910_.pdfTC-9.10, Semi-Overhead Sign Support (Deleted 4/17/20)5177 KB
TC_00911.pdfTC-9.11, Semi-Overhead Sign Support597 KB
TC_00930_.pdfTC-9.30, Center Mount Overhead Sign Support (Deleted 4/17/20)5545 KB
TC_00931.pdfTC-9.31, Center Mount Overhead Sign Support605 KB
TC_01015.pdfTC-10.15, Extension of Median Barrier Anchor Bolts (Deleted 07/17/15)125 KB
TC_01230_.pdfTC-12.30, Cantilever Overhead Sign Support (Deleted 4/17/20)3943 KB
TC_01231.pdfTC-12.31, Cantilever Overhead Sign Support666 KB
TC_015115.pdfTC-15.115, Steel Truss Overhead Sign Support (Deleted 4/17/20)6555 KB
TC_015116(2).pdfTC-15.116, Steel Truss Overhead Sign Support1521 KB
TC_01620.pdfTC-16.20, Single Arm Overhead Sign Support (Deleted 01/16/09)1091 KB
TC_01621.pdfTC-16.21, Single Arm Overhead Sign Support (Deleted 4/17/20)1859 KB
TC_01622(2).pdfTC-16.22, Single Arm Overhead Sign Support1556 KB
TC_01710_.pdfTC-17.10, Span Wire Overhead Sign Support (Deleted 4/17/20)5345 KB
TC_01711.pdfTC-17.11, Span Wire Overhead Sign Support401 KB
TC_01824.pdfTC-18.24, Flush Structure Mounted Sign Support1013 KB
TC_01826.pdfTC-18.26, Skewed Structure Mounted Sign Support2205 KB
TC_02110.pdfTC-21.10, Sign Support Foundations (Deleted 4/17/20)5192 KB
TC_02120(2).pdfTC-21.20, Foundations (Deleted 4/17/20)5668 KB
TC_02121(2).pdfTC-21.21, Foundations998 KB
TC_02130_0117114.pdfTC-21.30, Concrete Barrier Median Overhead Sign Support Foundations (Deleted)52 KB
TC_02131_011714.pdfTC-21.31, Barrier Wall Assembly for Sign Supports (Deleted)70 KB
TC_02140.pdfTC-21.40, Concrete Barrier Median Overhead Sign Support Foundations (Deleted 01/18/13)4724 KB
TC_02141.pdfTC-21.41, Barrier Wall Assembly for Sign Supports (Deleted 07/18/08)381 KB
TC_02150_.pdfTC-21.50, Concrete Barrier Median Overhead Sign Support Foundations (Single Slope)1097 KB
TC_02210_.pdfTC-22.10, Miscellaneous Overhead Sign Support Details4557 KB
TC_02220.pdfTC-22.20, Sign Attachment Assemblies6057 KB
TC_03110_011714.pdfTC-31.10, Fluorescent Sign Lighting Details (Deleted)76 KB
TC_03120_011714.pdfTC-31.20, Mercury Vapor Sign Lighting Details I (Deleted)73 KB
TC_03121.pdfTC-31.21, Mercury Vapor Sign Lighting Details (Deleted 01/21/11)600 KB
TC_03210.pdfTC-32.10, Sign Service Details I (Deleted 01/17/14)5162 KB
TC_03211.pdfTC-32.11, Sign Service Details II (Deleted 01/17/14)6097 KB
TC_03510.pdfTC-35.10, Flashing Arrow Panel (Deleted)197 KB
TC_04110.pdfTC-41.10, Structural Beam Sign Supports2141 KB
TC_04120.pdfTC-41.20, Yielding Post1914 KB
TC_04125.pdfTC-41.25, Laminated Veneer Wooden Box Beam Sign Support576 KB
TC_04130.pdfTC-41.30, Sign Post Reflectors329 KB
TC_04140.pdfTC-41.40, Special Sign Attachments and Supports925 KB
TC_04141.pdfTC-41.41, Special Sign Attachments1805 KB
TC_04150.pdfTC-41.50, One Way Sign Supports1787 KB
TC_04210.pdfTC-42.10, Typical Guide Sign Placement627 KB
TC_04220.pdfTC-42.20, Typical Flat Sheet Sign Placement1700 KB
TC_05110.pdfTC-51.10, Aluminum Extrusheet Panel Sign (Deleted)114 KB
TC_05111.pdfTC-51.11, Aluminum Bolted Extrusheet Panel Sign1909 KB
TC_05112.pdfTC-51.12, Aluminum Bolted Extrusion Panel Sign1072 KB
TC_05210.pdfTC-52.10, Sign Blank Details I1513 KB
TC_05220.pdfTC-52.20, Sign Blank Details II3439 KB
TC_06110.pdfTC-61.10, Delineator Details1407 KB
TC_06130.pdfTC-61.30, Guardrail Blockout Reflector Placement658 KB
TC_06410.pdfTC-64.10, Rumble Stripes752 KB
TC_06510.pdfTC-65.10, Raised Pavement Marker Placement Details2417 KB
TC_06511.pdfTC-65.11, Raised Pavement Marker Spacing Details6002 KB
TC_06512.pdfTC-65.12, Raised Pavement Marker Details II (Deleted 01/21/05)331 KB
TC_06513.pdfTC-65.13, Raised Pavement Markers - Miscellaneous Details (Deleted)97 KB
TC_07110.pdfTC-71.10, Word and Symbol Pavement Markings4975 KB
TC_07220.pdfTC-72.20, Freeway and Expressway Entrance and Exit Pavement Markings3454 KB
TC_07310.pdfTC-73.10, Pavement Marking Details (Deleted 01/17/14)179 KB
TC_07320.pdfTC-73.20, Enhanced Wrong-Way Traffic Control for Ramps529 KB
TC_08110.pdfTC-81.10, Strain Pole Details (Deleted 4/17/20)4188 KB
TC_08111(2).pdfTC-81.11, Strain Pole Details1175 KB
TC_08120.pdfTC-81.20, Single Arm Overhead Signal Support (Deleted 01/16/09)628 KB
TC_08121.pdfTC-81.21, Single Arm Overhead Signal Support (Deleted 4/17/20)6008 KB
TC_08122(2).pdfTC-81.22, Single Arm Overhead Signal Support1853 KB
TC_08210.pdfTC-82.10, Vehicle Detector Installation Details5084 KB
TC_08211_011714.pdfTC-82.11, Vehicle Detector Installation Details II (Deleted 01/19/01)51 KB
TC_08310.pdfTC-83.10, Pole Mountings for Controllers and Power Service3769 KB
TC_08320.pdfTC-83.20, Cabinet Foundations and Pedestals3524 KB
TC_08420.pdfTC-84.20, Messenger Wire Details1842 KB
TC_08421.pdfTC-84.21, Messenger Wire Details II289 KB
TC_08510.pdfTC-85.10, Pole Mountings for Signal Heads2935 KB
TC_08520.pdfTC-85.20, Overhead Signal Attachment, Mast Arm3106 KB
TC_08521.pdfTC-85.21, Signal Tether Attachment2143 KB
TC_08522.pdfTC-85.22, Overhead Signal Attachments, Span Wire1194 KB
TC_08610.pdfTC-86.10, Railroad Preemption Interface Panel779 KB