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MASH Frequently Asked Questions

ODOT Specific FAQs
What is the definition of device service life?
A device is considered to be in its useful service life as defined by the ODOT "Quality Standards for temporary Traffic Control Devices." The Department will set a drop-dead date for NCHRP-350 devices and is in the process of determining the appropriate date for different devices. After this date, devices that have a MASH approved equivalent and are not MASH-16 compliant will not be permitted for use by the Department even if still within their useful service life.
FAQs from “Clarifications on Implementing the AASHTO Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware, 2016.”
-      A full copy from May 2018 can be found here.
May “Category 1” devices (i.e., drums, cones, road tubes) be self-certified by the manufacturer as crashworthy?
Low-mass, single-piece traffic cones, tubular markers, single-piece drums, and delineators (known as Category 1 devices under NCHRP 350) may be manufacturer-certified as MASH-compliant as long as there are no attachments to the device. If there are attachments, crash testing and/or evaluation to MASH criteria is required.
Are devices known as “Category 4” devices under NCHRP 350 (such as portable, changeable-message sign (PCMS) trailers, temporary traffic signals, and camera trailers) exempt from crash testing?
MASH contains crash testing criteria for devices previously known as “Category 4” devices. See MASH 2016, Section 2.2.3, p 36, “Truck- and Trailer-Mounted Attenuators and Portable Work-Zone Traffic Control Trailers.” The AASHTO/FHWA Joint Implementation Agreement states that temporary work zone devices manufactured after December 31, 2019, must have been successfully tested to the 2016 edition of MASH.
How long may portable concrete barriers and “Category 4” devices, such as trailer-mounted arrow boards, variable message signs, etc., meeting NCHRP Report 350 crash test criteria remain in use?
As stated in the AASHTO/FHWA Joint Implementation Agreement for MASH, "Temporary work zone devices, including portable barriers, manufactured after December 31, 2019, must have been successfully tested to the 2016 edition of MASH. Such devices manufactured on or before this date, and successfully tested to NCHRP Report 350 or the 2009 edition of MASH, may continue to be used throughout their normal service lives." Temporary work zone devices include, but are not limited to, all devices that were known as “Category 4” devices under NCHRP 350, including truck- and trailer-mounted attenuators. Note that individual transportation agencies/facility owners may opt to specify MASH-compliant devices sooner than stated in the joint implementation agreement.