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SWISS is a Windows (tm) based analysis program for determining signal strain pole sizes in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Transportation's (ODOT) Standard Construction Drawing (SCD) TC-81.10. By using the resultant base moment from the program, an appropriate strain pole can be chosen from the Standard Construction Drawing. Output includes, among other results, stringing tension, attachment heights and base moments for each pole.
Multiple span configurations for several intersections may be entered into a single project file or separate files may be created for each intersection.
Six basic span wire configurations are included in the program and are identified by their general shape and the number of span segments.
Number of
Number of
Number of
Simple 1 2 0
Wye 3 3 1
H 5 4 2
Delta 6 3 3
Hybrid 7 5 3
Box (4 tails) 8 4 4
By using the additional input for combinations, the basic configurations can be combined to form other shapes; for example: 4 simple spans can form a box without tails, 2 wyes can form a box with 2 tails, etc.
Training for SWISS
The Ohio DOT has developed a training course for the spanwire analysis software that takes the user through creating several different spanwire configurations. The course takes approximately 3 hours and is given in the Sign Signal Maintenance Shop computer room located at 1606 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio. The course consists of both a slide presentation and the participants input of sample problems.
Interested users should send an email to to be put on a list for the next course date.
Support for SWISS
The Office of Traffic Engineering is asking that users send an email to so that they can be contacted if software problems should occur. Any questions or comments on the use of the software can also be directed to this email address. 
See the SWISS Help file. When accessing the help file, make sure that you save the file locally.
SWISS Software Download
Access the SWISS Software. This can be downloaded to the user's PC or it can be installed from the web site. If downloaded to the user's PC, the installer is initiated by running the file SETUP.EXE.