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Memorandum on submission of bridge data to ODOT

Date: February 6, 2015
Subject: Annual NBI Data update to FHWA
From: Administrator, Bridge Management Section
Office of Structural Engineering
ODOT will be submitting updated NBI bridge data file to FHWA in the week of March 23. We are requiring all inventory and inspection data entered in the ODOT SMS no later than March 15. It will give us time to prepare the data file for our annual data submission to FHWA before the deadline of April 1.
All in-progress inspection reports must be reviewed and approved by the above date or they will not be included in the NBI tape to the FHWA. Data in the SMS can be coded/updated by logging into SMS.
Please make notes of the following:
1.     ODOT is not accepting electronic data files generated by CEAO BR86/87 or any other program to upload in the SMS. Those files are neither compatible with the SMS nor we can upload any data file in the SMS.
2.     We cannot process old BR86 or BR87 forms any more. All those forms are obsolete since May 2014.
3.     We cannot code your inspection reports in the SMS. SMS requires the inspectors shall be coding the inspection reports. ODOT Central Office Bridge Management Section staff cannot enter any inspection reports.
4.     Starting 2016, the deadline to update the data in the SMS will be moved back to the last working day of February to meet the FHWA revised deadline of March 15.
If there are any questions, please direct them to Amjad Waheed, PE at (614) 752-9972 or e-mail to Amjad.Waheed@dot.state.oh.us.

The Bridge management section has a new system for measuring vertical clearances.

The Mandli's Vertical Clearance Measurement System (VCMS) gathers vertical clearance data dynamically using real-time laser spot technology.  The VCMS is safer than traditional methods of collecting this type of data because it keeps personnel off busy roads, and there is no danger caused by a slow moving or stopped vehicle.  The system can be operated without closing lanes and produces highly accurate and repeatable results.

The system can be mounted to most vehicles with a 2-inch receiver-type trailer hitch, and is easy to operate from the passenger seat with a laptop computer.  The VCMS includes a suite of custom software for collecting and viewing vertical clearance data.

Click on the link before to view some photos of the system.






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