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Office of Consultant Services
1980 West Broad Street, Mailstop 4100, 1st Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43223
Mat Mauger, P.E., Administrator
Phone: (614) 644-0623, Email: Mat.Mauger@dot.ohio.gov
Mission Statement
Consultant Services assists districts and other offices in contracting for the services of consultants needed to support the mission of the Ohio Department of Transportation.  We develop agreements which efficiently and effectively provide professional services. In establishing these agreements, we assist our customers in selecting qualified consultants and conduct equitable negotiations to provide approved, legal agreements.


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District 6 has posted the draft scope of services and associated supporting documents to the ODOT ftp site. Consultants are encouraged to review this information before preparing their letters of interest. Please review this material prior to contacting the district, and evaluate whether a meeting with district staff is warranted. The information is available at the following link:

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Vendors who want to apply for jobs on ODOT's projects must prequalify. The prequalification process validates that the vendor is qualified to do the job they are applying for with their current staff.     


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Programmatics represent future jobs. They are sorted by district and are subject to change. Additionally, the Programmatic Consultant Selection Schedule is also posted on the Programmatics page.


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 Letters of Interest


Letters of Interest mainly represent projects sponsored by local government entities, i.e., cities, counties, townships, that are smaller projects, and in many cases stand-alone transportation projects.


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 Consultant Toolkit


Consultant Services provides tools, applications, guidance and documentation for our partners in the consultant community to help them navigate the different processes when working with ODOT.     


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 Project Notifications


Project Notifications are mostly Request for Proposals that are jobs attached to larger transportation projects that require the services and products of specially skilled private sector consultants.


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The Manual is frequently updated and contains links and documents related to the process from prequalification to contract administration. It is the A-Z of doing business with ODOT. 


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 Consultant Services Staff

Consultant Policies & Procedures, SAFe, IPS Use and Conflict of Interest Waivers, CES ReportsMat Mauger, P.E.Administrator(614) 644-0623Mat.Mauger@dot.ohio.gov
Consultant Prequalification & Districts 1, 3, 4 and 9Dan KrajcovicProject Analyst(614) 466-3742Dan.Krajcovic@dot.ohio.gov
Districts 6, 7, 8 and 11Jim ProschProject Analyst(614) 752-7459Jim.Prosch@dot.ohio.gov
Districts 2, 5, 10 and 12Susan StehieProject Analyst(614) 387-2310Susan.Stehie@dot.ohio.gov
Processing AgreementsJayne KnostWriter(614) 752-6152Jayne.Knost@dot.ohio.gov

 Email Notifications

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