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Fairfield County

County Manager: Doug Riffle
(740) 653-5961


 Fairfield County Garage


Address: 3265 West Fair Avenue, Lancaster, Ohio

Location: W. Fair Avenue is just west of Mill Park Drive, which is approximately one mile north of SR 188, one tenth of a mile east of the US 33 / SR 188 interchange.

Phone: (740) 653-5961        

Operating Hours 7:30a-4:00p      

SERVICES (for ODOT Employees ONLY):
Radio YES    Mechanic YES   Towing  NO  Fuel=   Diesel


 Baltimore Outpost


Address: 1894 Reynoldsburg Baltimore Rd  Baltimore, OH 43105

Location: SR 256 west of Baltimore

Phone: (740) 862-8724         

Operating Hours 7:30a-4:00p   

SERVICES (for ODOT Employees ONLY):
Radio NO   Mechanic NO   Towing  NO   Fuel=   NONE


 Fairfield County Garage Map


 Baltimore Outpost Map