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(District guidelines may vary)


If you are in an ODOT vehicle and there is an accident

  • and there is/are injuries, call 911 first, then call #677 for the Highway Patrol
  • and there are no injuries, call #677 for the Highway Patrol
  • call your supervisor to report (if after normal hours, call (614) 387-2438 to be connected to the statewide traffic management center who will log your information)
  • request Trooper’s assistance in contacting the closest ODOT garage and to get towing assistance if needed
  • cooperate with any law enforcement officials
  • exchange contact and insurance information (write on sheet inside ODOT vehicle’s glove box) with the other driver(s) including full name, address, phone number, insurance company and policy number, license plate number; year, make, model and color of other vehicle; location and time of accident; witness names and their contact information
  • contact the office of Safety & Health to obtain and complete the required report forms
  • and the accident is ODOT driver’s fault, cooperate and show other driver and law enforcement the “CERTIFICATE OF SELF-INSURANCE” which is included in the ODOT vehicle’s glove box.

If you have mechanical problems with an ODOT vehicle

  • and vehicle is disabled, call #677 for the Highway Patrol and request assistance from them to contact the closest ODOT garage and to get towing assistance if needed
  • and vehicle is not disabled, move vehicle to side, if safe to do so
  • If you need commercial towing and have an ODOT purchasing payment card, you can charge the tow on the card. If you do not have an ODOT card, please ask to have the tow billed to ODOT Office of Equipment Management, 1620 West Broad Street – Columbus, Ohio 43223 (Attention: Garage Manager).