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A/E Consultant Audit Materials

Templates and Tools​​


 Templates and Tools:

AASHTO GUIDE Chapter 5 Overhead Schedule - Example 1.xls
AASHTO GUIDE Chapter 5 Overhead Schedule with Fieldrate - Example 2.xls
Cost of Money Template.xls
Related-Party Rent - Cost of Ownership Template.xls
Vehicle Cost Template.xls
Sample NCM Compliance Worksheet.xlsm
AASHTO Audit Guide (2012 Edition).pdf
2013_National_Compensation_Matrix(FINAL 2-1-2013).xls
Pathway to Compliance.docx
2014 National Compensation Matrix (FINAL 2-18-14).xls
2015_National_Compensation_Matrix(FINAL 2-13-2015).xls
2016 NCM (to be used with 2015 data).xls
Appd B-ICQ (05-01-2012FINAL-updated to reference 2016 Guide-12-7-15).doc
Summary of Major Changes to AASHTO Audit Guide (2016 versus 2012 Editions).pdf
2017 National Compensation Matrix  (Final 2-1-17) (1).xlsx
Cost of Ownership Template.xls
Consultant Cost Certification (rev. 7-06-18).doc
2019_National_Compensation_Matrix (use for audits of FYE 2018 cost data).xlsx
2019 NCM LINKS (instructions, position descriptions and compliance template).docx
2020_National_Compensation_Matrix_RC1 (use for audits of FYE 2019 cost data).xlsx
2018-National-Compensation-Matrix (use for audits of FYE 2017 cost data).xlsx