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State Infrastructure Bank

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 Funds Available:

As of 6/30/19
Funds available for Federal eligible projects: $ 14,020,950
Funds available for State eligible projects: $4,596,720

 Program Background and Objective


The Department maintains a direct loan and bond financing program, authorized under the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 5531, for the purpose of developing transportation facilities throughout Ohio. The State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) shall be is used as a method of funding highway, rail, transit, intermodal, and other transportation facilities and projects which produce revenue to amortize debt while contributing to the connectivity of Ohio's transportation system and further the goals such as corridor completion, economic development, competitiveness in a global economy, and quality of life.

The Ohio SIB was capitalized with a $40 million authorization of state general revenue funds (GRF) from the Ohio State Legislature, $10 million in state motor fuel tax funds, and  $87 million in Federal Title XXIII Highway Funds.  Any highway or transit project eligible under Title XXIII, as well as aviation, rail and other intermodal transportation facilities, is eligible for direct loan funding under the SIB.

ODOT's objective is to maximize the use of federal and state funds in order to make direct loans to eligible projects. Repayments will be made to ODOT and then re-loaned to subsequent projects, hence creating a SIB revolving loan program. The SIB revolving loan program will increase the number of delivered transportation projects that otherwise would not have been considered due to lack of funding.  


ODOT will be the primary decision maker for SIB projects. Within ODOT, the SIB Loan Committee will manage the approval process.

ODOT's Division of Finance & Forecasting will promulgate the application process and will be the contact source for information on the program. The Division of Finance & Forecasting will receive applications, review, and make recommendations to the SIB Loan Committee.

ODOT will administer the loans and bonds using prudent financial guidelines and policies. 


 SIB Information:

Loan Approval Process.pdf
Loan Disbursement Process.pdf
Loan Program Policies and Guidelines.pdf
Right of Way Acquisition Process.pdf
SIB Repayment Calculator.xlsm
Environmental Criteria.pdf
Active Projects.pdf
Comparison of SIB Loan and Bond Fund Programs.pdf
SIB Application (2018).docx

 SIB Annual Reports:

2019 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2018 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2017 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2016 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2015 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2014 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2013 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2012 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2011 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2010 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2009 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2008 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2007 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2006 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2005 SIB Annual Report.pdf
2004 SIB Annual Report.pdf

 SIB Contact:


Brenna Smathers
(614) 752-0416
Ohio Department of Transportation
1980 W. Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio  43223


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