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collapse District : Central Office (Columbus) ‎(5)
collapse Field : Highway Management ‎(1)
Stephanie MarikCentral Office (Columbus)Highway Management7/1/20137/12/2014
Stephanie graduated from the University of Toledo earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and a Minor in Business Administration.  She has earned her Engineering Intern Certification and will be contributing her skills and knowledge to the Traffic Department of ODOT and her experience in both customer service and engineering will be an asset to the department.  Stephanie was on the Dean's list and has worked as a camp counselor. 
collapse Field : Planning & Engineering ‎(4)
Jared BacksCentral Office (Columbus)Planning & Engineering1/13/20141/24/2015
Jared joins our ODOT team with a Bachelor's degreee in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University.  His GPA was 3.4 and he specializes in Structures and transportation engineering.  He is employed by our Division of Engineering in their Structures department.  He worked with EMH&T to design alternatives to the Easton Way/Interstate 270 interchange which included designing multiple alternatives to mitigate traffic problems in that area.  Jared also worked with The Ohio State University to redesign Lane Avenue making it more pedestrian friendly, including medians, crosswalks, bike paths and traffic lighting.  He was a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Club President, Marching Band squad leader, Soccer team Captain, a member of the Boy Scouts of America and holds a 1st degree Black Belt in Kempo Martial Arts. 
Jeremy FisherCentral Office (Columbus)Planning & Engineering1/13/20141/24/2015
Jeremy Fisher graduated from The University of Akron where he obtained his Bachelor's of Science degree in Civil Engineering maintaining a 3.1 GPA.  He also maintained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering Technology from Devry University.  He brings with him experience from The Great Lakes Construction Company where he worked on ODOT Projects.  He also worked on the I-80 Meander Reservoir Bridge and Roadway Project in North Jackson, OH where he reconstructed a 4 lane to a 6 lane highway.  He was responsible for tracking material, equipment and labor hours and he operated a scrap steel scale to assist in recycling efforts during projects.  He was also assisting on the US-20 Roadway Project in Lake County, OH where he reconstructed 3 lanes of asphalt pavement and brick into 5 lanes of 9" non-reinforced concrete pavement.  There he performed takeoffs to determine concrete volume for slipform paving, concrete volume fore decorative sidewalk pours, rebar diameter, and length requirements and quantity.  Jeremy was a member of the American Society of Engineers and participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  Jeremy is especially proud of his Civil Engineering Degree because he worked full time while achieving the degree and this was after taking a few years off and then returning to school to pursue his goal.
Justin GardnerCentral Office (Columbus)Planning & Engineering5/20/201311/30/2013
Justin graduated from The Ohio State University earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He has been a college intern with ODOT since 2007 prior to being hired full-time.  He enjoys hunting, fishing and assisting his dad on building homes. 
Sydney WilsonCentral Office (Columbus)Planning & Engineering5/19/20145/30/2015
Sydney is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  She earned a GPA of 3.772.  While at OSU, she completed several University Honors courses, was a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, a member of the Women in Engineering CONNECT, and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  She gained her engineering experience through ReNuWit REU where she completed guided research, conducted lab experiments, completed field work, and prepared presentations on study of dry weather runoff.  Sydney had as internship with GE Aviation-Peebles Test Operation where she helped develop inventory management system for organizing tooling and hardware.  She observed and assisted with daily operations in Large Engine Development and at multiple jet engine testing sites.  Sydney enjoyed Ohio State Intramural Indoor Volleyball, Sand Volleyball, Team Tennis and Softball.  She was also a member of the Ohio State Orchestra and Community Orchestra. 
collapse District : District 01 (Lima) ‎(4)
collapse Field : Planning & Engineering ‎(4)
Thomas BachmayerDistrict 01 (Lima)Planning & Engineering1/14/20131/25/2014
Tom earned his Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering degree from The University of Toledo in December 2012 with a GPA of 3.26.  He earned numerous scholarships including, The University Tower Blue Scholarship, First Generation, John Eisenhart Engineering Scholarship, Eric Brinkman Engineering Scholarship and Dr. and Mrs. Riza Scholarship.  He served as a registered note-taker for a disabled fellow student.  He was very committed to college but did find some spare time to enjoy hunting, basketball and football.  Tom also completed the Tough Mudder obstacle 12 mile marathon. 
Luke HemmelgarnDistrict 01 (Lima)Planning & Engineering4/7/20144/18/2015
Luke Hemmelgarn graduated with his Bachelor's Of Science Civil Engineering degree from The Ohio State University.  He worked as an Engineering Technician for S&ME, Inc. where he functioned as the Soils, Concrete and Lab tech.  He was the lead technician on various jobs that included Prologis Warehouse, Etna, OH and the Fayette County Bridge 34.  Luke also worked as the Engineering Tech for the the Advance Testing, Inc. Group in Campbell Hall NY where he worked on projects that included Bridge reinforcement, projected reservoir site, roadway layout, and building foundations.  He also was a survey intern with the Franklin County Engineers where he worked with the Monument installation crew.  He performed general survey creating right of way drawings, plats, and designing G.P.S. projects.  While at OSU, Luke was the President of Ohio State PLSO (Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio), Officer with OSU ASCE Student Chapter, Captain of the OSU Survey Team, and a member of the Ohio State Engineering Scholars. 
Derrick SchierlohDistrict 01 (Lima)Planning & Engineering5/6/20135/24/2014
Derrick began working for The Ohio Department of Transportation as a college intern for District 1 and now continues his career path as a fulltime employee for the same district.  He is a recent graduate of The University of Cincinnati where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.  While at college, Derrick was a member of the Engineering and Applied Science Tribunal and a member of the Calhoun Hall Executive Counsel.  He is a third degree member of the Knights of Columbus.  He enjoys sports and played football while in high school.
Robert WhiteDistrict 01 (Lima)Planning & Engineering4/21/20145/2/2015
Robert graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  He earned a 3.28 GPA and was on the Dean's high honors his spring and fall semester of 2009.  His engineering experience comes from the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways.  There is was the assistant District Maintenance Engineer where he supervised 4 county and 2 Interstate Administrators as well as managing 3 Heavy Maintenance and 1 Buildings and Grounds Crews to ensure proper maintenance activities of WVDOT-DOH roadways and facilities for District 10.  He monitored County and Interstate Annual Plan Budgets as well as Special Project Authorizations.  Robert implemented and enforced the WVDOT-DOH Policies and Procedures, applied corrective actions to disciplinary situations, applied engineering skills and best management practices to roadway projects from inception to completion, coordinated with outside entities and with departments within WVDOT-DOH and developed work plans involving estimates of time, personnel, equipment and materials required to complete projects.  Robert was a member of the WVDOT District 10 response team.  He was also honored to have graduated in the top 5% of his High School class.
collapse District : District 02 (Bowling Green) ‎(5)
collapse Field : Construction ‎(2)
Michael DamschroederDistrict 02 (Bowling Green)Construction1/13/20141/24/2015
Michael is a graduate of The Ohio State University where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with minors in Survey and Mapping and Agronomy.  His work experience includes The Village of Montpelier, Ohio where he worked as a laborer in the Engineering/Planning Department.  There he designed and maintained village webpage and compiled, updated and maintained infrastructure and zoning maps.  Michael also worked for Jones and Henry Engineers where he worked as a Resident Project Representative on the Tiffin, OH sewer separation.  There he was responsible for numerous things including calculating and submitting backfill and granular quantities for payment of contractor, guiding and inspecting the work of construction crews and updating as-built drawings for return to the owner of the project.  Michael was a member of the Professional Land Surveyor's of Ohio, American Society of Civil Engineers, and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.  He was also Vice-Captain of the Ohio State University Quarter Scale Tractor Team.
Zachary HribarDistrict 02 (Bowling Green)Construction1/3/20121/14/2013
Zachary joins the ODOT EIT Program as an Ohio State University graduate where he received a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. He maintained a 3.037 GPA while actively being involved with Habitat for Humanity and volunteering for the local food banks.  Zachary was a player and Field Maintenance and Equipment Manager for the Ohio State Rugby Club.  His experience included being an ODOT intern from 2009 thru 2011.  In his spare time, Zachary enjoys reading. 
collapse Field : Highway Management ‎(1)
Jordan MaasDistrict 02 (Bowling Green)Highway Management5/20/20135/31/2014
Jordan recently graduated from the University of Dayton earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a GPA of 3.23.  His student involvement included Intramural Sports, Member of the Red Scare, Student Volunteer for Christmas on Campus, and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineering.  Jordan is a big sports fan.
collapse Field : Planning & Engineering ‎(2)
Zachary PorterDistrict 02 (Bowling Green)Planning & Engineering1/3/20121/14/2013
Zachary has obtained a Bachelors of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Michigan Technological University, graduating with a 3.61 GPA.  He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers-MTU Student Chapter.  Being the recipient of the 2010 ITE Michigan Section Scholarship for the Institute of Transportation Engineers, Zachary has shown his leadership skills as well as his dedication to his education.  He was a member of the Blue Key Honor Society where he organized and oversaw matchups for the Winter Carnival Broomball and Yooper Sprint matches.  His experience was with the Michigan Department of Transportation.
Corbin SchwiebertDistrict 02 (Bowling Green)Planning & Engineering1/13/20141/24/2015
Corbin graduated from the University of Toledo with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  He maintained a 3.450 GPA and was on the Dean's list.  His experience came from the internships he held with Poggemeyer Design Group and the Ohio Department of Transportation in our District 2 office.  There he assisted in the preparation of Safety Applications for project funding, conducted turning count movements at intersections, drafted conceptual designs in MicroStation for safety applications, assisted in conducting curve and zone speed studies and preparation of plans for safety projects.  Corbin was involved in community projects where he volunteered for the Clean your streams and Clean your Streets.  He was a member of The American Society of Civil Engineers. He received the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship, UT Achievement Award was a member of the Chi Epsilon-The National Civil Engineering Honor Society.
collapse District : District 03 (Ashland) ‎(15)
collapse Field : Construction ‎(3)
Eric FingerDistrict 03 (Ashland)Construction1/14/20131/25/2013
Eric comes to ODOT after earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Enginering from the University of Toledo where he achieved a 2.97 GPA.  He was given the honors of The University Tower Blue Scholarship and the Edith C. Harris Memorial Scholarship.  Some commmunity activities he partakes in are being a participant in "Clean the Stream," Assisted in the set up and tear down of local craft shows, helped at annual church festival working booths and food services, repaired Eagle's Landing fairways and greens after golf seasons while going through high school.  Eric enjoys golfing, hunting, fishing and he got through all the days and months of homework by turning it into a 'hobby."
Michael TitusDistrict 03 (Ashland)Construction1/30/20122/10/2013
A graduate from the University of Toledo with a 3.6 GPA is Civil Engineering, Michael has also obtained his Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering where he maintained a 3.9 GPA.  Michael participated in many collegiate activities including intramural sports, was the Advisor of the West Point Bridge Design Competition and the university soccer club.  He was awarded the Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award and was on the Dean’s list.  Michael also received the University of Toledo’s Tower of Excellence Scholarship.  In his spare time, he likes playing golf, flag and fantasy football and he enjoys antique autos.
Greg TobeDistrict 03 (Ashland)Construction6/2/20146/13/2015
Greg is a recent graduate of the University of Toledo, graduating with a 3.93 GPA.  He also earned an Associate of Applied Science in Concrete Technology and in Civil Design Technology from Rhodes State College.  Greg was the recipient of the Outstanding Student in Civil Design Technology and in Outstanding Academic Achievement.  He was employed with Sandee Farms where he constructed, inspected maintained and repaired buildings.  He drove various types of equipment.  His Campus involvement included National Society of Collegiate Scholars.  While attending Rhodes State College, he was on the Honor Society with both Phi Theta Kappa and Tau Alpha Pi.
collapse Field : Highway Management ‎(1)
Stacey GambrelDistrict 03 (Ashland)Highway Management8/12/20138/23/2014
Stacey comes to ODOT from the Cornell University in NY where she maintained a 3.14 GPA in accomplishing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering.  She was a Lab assistant for Cornell University where she prepared and implemented tests on pipe specimens and recorded their responses to seismic activity in tension and torsion.  She installed and set up instrumentation, moved and placed pipe specimens and soil, and performed other test related tasks.  Stacey displayed great leadership skills as she was a lifeguard for Cornell University Aquatics Department where she was the Head lifeguard which allowed her the privilege of giving orientations to new lifeguards and being able to access other applicants to see if the had adequate skills during tryouts.  She was involved in the Concrete Canoe team, Lights off Cornell, Cascadilla Hall Council Member, and as a girl scout worked on a Gazebo Project earning a Gold award.  Stacey was also an active volunteer in her community. 
collapse Field : Planning & Engineering ‎(11)
Errol ScholtzDistrict 03 (Ashland)Planning & Engineering5/19/20145/30/2015
Errol graduated with honors from Cleveland State University with his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  He maintained a GPA of 3.46 and was on the Dean's list.  He was awarded the CSU Scholar's Scholarship and the Choose Ohio First Scholarship.  Errol worked as an ODOT intern for District 3 where he designed culvert replacement plans after determining drainage area, culvert size, catch basin and conduit replacement, pavement design and adjusting superelevation.  He also completed a multi-discipline project including design of roadway resurfacing, safety edge adjustment, and bridge work encompassing wingwall sealing, deck repair and approach slab maintenance.  Errol was a member of Engineers without Borders, he participated in Choose Ohio First and their annual Science Fair, and Buckeye Boys State.
Mark EppleyDistrict 03 (Ashland)Planning & Engineering6/2/20146/13/2015
Mark Eppley is a recent graduate from the Ohio University where he maintained a 3.62 GPA.  He has assisted in designing the Nelsonville bypass according to ODOT specifications, designed the road with two horizontal curves and three vertical curves with adequate stopping site distance.  He has also designed a water treatment facility to treat local reservoir water. Mark also designed the LC & SW buildings of the Ohio University Housing Project according to architectural drawings.  He is a UNICEF member where he traveled to Africa and did a project that was a very rewarding experience for him. 
Nicholas FosterDistrict 03 (Ashland)Planning & Engineering1/17/20121/28/2013
Nicholas joins the District 3 ODOT team after graduating with a degree in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University where he maintained a GPA of 3.23.  He achieved the Dean’s list for 3 quarters and was a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.  Nicholas worked as an intern for 2 years where he completed ODOT Level 1 & 2 of FHWA Approved Comprehensive Bridge Inspection Course, acquired training in ODOT Bridge Coding and Inventory and ODOT Load & Resistance Factor Rating.
Craig GoodnightDistrict 03 (Ashland)Planning & Engineering5/20/20135/31/2014
Craig is a recent graduate from The Ohio State University where he achieved a GPA of 3.11 and his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  He was a college intern for ODOT prior to being offered a full time position. Craig enjoys all kinds of sports and snow boarding.  His favorite past time is taking broken vehicles, working on them and making them run.  He titles himself a "Backyard" mechanic.
Ken KnappDistrict 03 (Ashland)Planning & Engineering1/13/20141/24/2015
Ken graduated from The Ohio State University with his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering where his focus was on Transportation and Structural Engineering.  He interned with ODOT's District 3 office in the Design section where he assisted professional Engineers with planning and producing construction drawings for improvements within ODOT right of way, did calculations of quantities of materials to be used in construction, estimating and completing filed work to aid in design.  While at OSU, Ken was a Student Safety and Training Supervisor.  He was responsible for training new employees on the safe and efficient operation of a transit bus to a level above what is necessary to obtain a Class B CDL.  Ken is a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician where he is responsible for alleviating medical/traumatic emergencies through training and teamwork.  He gained the honors an Eagle Scout, National Honor Society, EMS Squad 51 award, and was on the Dean's list several quarters.  Ken got much gratification while on the job as the Wellington Fire Department where he actually pulled someone out of a fire and saved their life.
Michael KronanderDistrict 03 (Ashland)Planning & Engineering1/3/20121/14/2013
Michael has obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from The Ohio State University where he graduated with a 3.1 GPA.   He worked for the Department of Public Service for the City of Columbus.  Michael has a focus in structures and he has always had an interest in building things.  He enjoys sports, fishing and watching TV.
Adam MellenDistrict 03 (Ashland)Planning & Engineering5/5/20145/16/2015
Adam comes to us from the University of Toledo where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  He earned a GPA of 3.465 while working as a GIS Intern for the City of Toledo Engineering Services.  While there, Adam edited the City of Toledo sanitary and storm data in GIS program, performed data extraction from GIS files into CAD files, managed Microsoft Access databases of GIS data and gained knowledge of storm water BMP's through processing of storm plans.  He also worked as an ODOT intern for District 3 where he assisted in compilation of highway accident data using Microsoft Excel, compiled pavement data for future projects, and performed traffic studies of major intersections and highway curves.  Adam also had an internship with the Lorain County Engineers office where is was compiling survey data in the field with total station.  He earned the honors of the National Engineering Co-op Scholarship, SEAOO scholarship, was Cum Laude, was on the Engineering Dean's list, and was an Eagle Scout.  Adam was a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, First year Rocket Engineer, Active Christians today and University of Toledo Relay for Life. 
Michael PetersDistrict 03 (Ashland)Planning & Engineering1/17/20121/28/2013
Michael holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Toledo.  He gained his experience through a mechanical engineering firm where he was able to adapt his Civil Engineering skills to the everyday challenges he faced.  He enjoys hanging out with friends and is very active in his church.  Michael witnessed his brother graduate from the Air Force basic training and found that to be a very positive moment for him.
Jeff RogersDistrict 03 (Ashland)Planning & Engineering6/4/20126/16/2013
Jeff Rogers comes to ODOT from Cleveland State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering.  While attending Cleveland State, he maintained a GPA of 3.02.  Jeff was on the Dean's List, and achieved Scholarships from Philips Electronic, Cleveland State University Academic Success, Cleveland State University Book Scholarship and SMART Grant.  He enjoys volunteering at the Lighthouse Baptist Church where he is a Sunday School Teacher and bus co-captain. 
Jason SchraibmanDistrict 03 (Ashland)Planning & Engineering10/21/201311/2/2014
Jason graduated from the Cleveland State University with a GPA of 3.54 where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering.  His experience includes Top Tool and Die where from design to production, comprehend and interpret plans to manufacture metal products, executed tasks utilizing Engineering Technology and he was a CNC/WEDM programmer.  Jason also worked for IASTEC of Ohio where he designed 3D models or progressive stamping dies, welded fixtures and inspection gages using AutoCAD and VISI software.  While in college, Jason was on the Dean's list, was a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Tau Beta Pi - Engineering Honor Society, and O.V.S.C 2013 Organizational team member and funds coordinator.
Kathryn SharpnackDistrict 03 (Ashland)Planning & Engineering6/18/20126/30/2013
Kathryn graduated from The Ohio State University with honors obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in June of 2012.  She graduated with a GPA of 3.73.  Kathryn has gained experience by working as an ODOT summer intern for two summers.  She has been on the Dean’s list 8 of the 9 quarters and is involved with in the Women in Engineering and Women In Engineering Connect mentor program.  She was the recipient of the Herbert G. Utz Memorial Scholarship Fund and was selected as the D.A. Dickey Scholar for 3 years.  She enjoys running, target shooting, hunting and hiking.
collapse District : District 04 (Akron) ‎(7)
collapse Field : Construction ‎(4)
Christopher ArnoldDistrict 04 (Akron)Construction6/4/20126/16/2013
Christopher received his Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Akron in the spring of 2012 with a GPA of 3.9.  He is a Student Chapter Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, an Associate Member of North Canton Jaycees Young Professionals Service Organization, as well as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Stark & Carroll Counties.   He gained experience from the GPD Group Inc. in Akron.  Chris had the privilege of doing construction work as a Project supervisor for the International Christian School of Budapest, Hungary.  He enjoys golfing, skiing, music and softball.
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