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DEL-71-7.91 (36/37 Interchange)
Information Site

 DEL-71-7.91 - Document Site Information

​Below is a document database related to the DEL-71-7.91 (36/37 Interchange) project.  

Requests for specific information not found in the files below can be made through Steve Fellenger with the Ohio Department of Transportation District 6.  If the requested information is available, it will be provided electronically or directions will be provided to accommodate viewing of hard copies.

 DEL-71 (36-37 Interchange) - Documents

collapse Category : 2009 TRAC ‎(2)
Signed TRAC Application.pdf2009 TRAC - Signed TRAC App
DEL 36 TRAC Application.docx2009 TRAC - TRAC App
collapse Category : 2010 TRAC ‎(9)
20100715 Appendix (Composite).doc2010 TRAC - Appendix
20100716 Trac Application.pdf2010 TRAC - Application
20100715 DEL IR 71 at US36-SR37 Application(Composite).doc2010 TRAC - DEL-71 TRAC Application (Composite)
DEL IR 71 at US 36-SR 37 Interchange Modification.pptx2010 TRAC - District 6 TRAC Presentation
2011-2015 Draft TRAC list as of 12-9-10.pdf2010 TRAC - Draft TRAC List
Updated maps 7-28-10 from EMHT on proposed layouts for TRAC.pdf2010 TRAC - Layout Maps from EMH&T
TRAC Attendees.doc2010 TRAC - TRAC Attendees
Revised Maps 1-4.pdfUpdate 2010 TRAC - Revised Maps
DEL IR 71 at US36-SR37 Application.docxUpdated 2010 TRAC - Revised Application
collapse Category : 2011 TRAC ‎(3)
2011 D06 - IR 71 at 36_37 (ODOT).pptx2011 - District 6 TRAC Presentation
DEL-71-7.91 Maps 1-4.pdf2011 TRAC - 36/37 Maps
DEL-71-7.91 (2011) TRAC_App.xlsm2011 TRAC Application Form
collapse Category : 2016 TRAC ‎(6)
DEL-71  2016 TRAC Application.pdf2016 TRAC Application
Figure 01 - Project Location Map-red.pdfFigure 01 - Project Location Map
Figure 02 - Economic Impact Map red.pdfFigure 02 - Economic Impact Map
Figure 03 - Redevelopment Map-red.pdfFigure 03 - Redevelopment Map
Figure 04 - Employment Map-red.pdfFigure 04 - Employment Map
TRAC DRAFT Finances10052016.pdfTRAC Draft Finances
collapse Category : Alternative Evaluation Report ‎(1)
2016-09-08_AltEvalReport_71at36-37.pdfAlternatives Evaluation Report (AER) 9-8-16
collapse Category : April 2012 Safety Project Plans ‎(2)
DEL-36-17.64  Final plan set (Part 1).pdfDEL-36-17.64 Plans Part 1
DEL-36-17.64  Final plan set (Part 2).pdfDEL-36-17.64 Plans Part 2
collapse Category : April 2016 Public Involvement ‎(4)
Alternatives-Matrix-24x36-std.pdfAlternatives Matrix
ScrollPlot_Blue Alternative 04.27.16.pdfBlue Alternative
ScrollPlot_Green Alternative 04.27.16.pdfGreen Alternative
ScrollPlot_Purple Alternative 04.27.16.pdfPurple Alternative
collapse Category : Comprehensive Land Use Plans ‎(5)
Berkshire Twp Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2008.pdfBerkshire Township - Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2008
berkshire zoning map.pdfberkshire zoning map.pdf
Berlin Twp Comprehensive Plan 2010.pdfBerlin Twp Comprehensive Plan 2010.pdf
Berlin zoning map.pdfBerlin zoning map.pdf
Kingston Township Comprehensive Plan 2006.pdfKingston Township Comprehensive Plan 2006.pdf
collapse Category : Connective Roadway Network Options ‎(4)
Description and Legend.docConnective Roadway Description and Legend
Option 1.PDFConnective Roadway Option 1
Option 2.PDFConnective Roadway Option 2
Option 3.PDFConnective Roadway Option 3
collapse Category : Cost Estimates ‎(2)
DEL-71 Coste Estimate - 4-4-12.pdfCost Estimates - April 2012
Estimate-September2011C.xlsCost Estimates - September 2011
collapse Category : Letters of Support ‎(4)
DEL-71 additional Letters of Support.pdf2010 TRAC - DEL-71 Additional Letters of Support
DEL-71 Letters of Support.pdf2010 TRAC - DEL-71 Letters of Support
20100716 letter molitoris re trac app clarification.pdf2010 TRAC - Molitoris TRAC clarification letter
Combined DEL-71 Letters of Support.pdfLetters of Support
collapse Category : Miscellaneous Studies ‎(5)
3-23-11 DEL-71 Round Table Presentation.pptDEL-71 Project Overview Presentation
I71 US36 Economic Impact Study BaxStarr1 Final 5-23-11.pdfEconomic Impact Study - May 2011
I71 US36 Economic Impact Study.pdfEconomic Impact Study Presentation - May 2011
Intermediate Study Report by GSP May 2006.pdfIntermediate Study Report - May 2006
DEL 71 Write-up 6-23-11.docxProject Overview - June 2011
collapse Category : October 2016 Public Involvement ‎(5)
Green Alignment - Roll Plot.pdfGreen Alignment - Detailed Roll Plot
Handout.pdfOctober 2016 Public Meeting Handout
Website Version DEL-71 90200 Public Meeting Presentation 10-20-16.pdfOctober 2016 Public Meeting Presentation
Phasing Plan 2016-10-05.pdfPhasing Plan
Rec. Pref. Alt 10052016.pdfRecommended Preferred Alternative
collapse Category : ODOT - 2011 Feasibility Study ‎(9)
DEL71_Feasibility Study 082212.pdf Feasibility Study - Main
Appendix A EFC Report LJB 070912.pdfFeasibility Study - Appendix A (Ex and Future Conditions Report)
Appendix B Draft PN Statement 6Sep12.pdfFeasibility Study - Appendix B (P&N Statement)
Appendix C WorkshopsStakeholder Record.pdfFeasibility Study - Appendix C (Workshops and Stakeholder Record)
Appendix D Decision Level Summaries 70912.pdfFeasibility Study - Appendix D (Decision Level Summaries)
Appendix E Traffic Docs 070912.pdfFeasibility Study - Appendix E (Traffic Documents)
Appendix F Land Use.pdfFeasibility Study - Appendix F (Land Use)
Appendix G Environmental 082212r.pdfFeasibility Study - Appendix G (Environmental)
Appendix H Photo Log.pdfFeasibility Study - Appendix H (Photo Log)
collapse Category : ODOT - 2014 Feasibility Study ‎(2)
DEL-71 Feasibility Study_20141204.pdf2014 Feasibility Study
DEL-71 Feasibility Appendix_20141204.pdf2014 Feasibility Study Appendix
collapse Category : Preliminary Environmental ‎(2)
ASC_Bat Habitat.pdfBat Habitat Mapping
ASC_RFS_roll_plot.pdfRFS Mapping
collapse Category : Public/Stakeholder Meetings ‎(2)
Stakeholder Meeting Handout FINAL.pdf10-12-2011 - Stakeholder Meeting Handout
PP_Stakeholder Meeting_101211_Final.pdf10-12-2011 - Stakeholder Meeting Presentation
collapse Category : Right of Way ‎(3)
US-36 AMP figures Final.pdfAccess Management Plan Figures
US 36 37 AMP Report_July 2010 Final.pdfAccess Management Plan Report - July 2010
DEL-36-1711 LARW Acquisition.pdfLimits of Existing LA Right of Way
collapse Category : Traffic ‎(28)
Final_Certified_Traffic_ DEL-71-9.71_12-11-15.pdf2015 Certified Traffic Report
2012-2032 Updated Cert traffic.PDFAlt1-Alt1a-No Build - Traffic
DEL-71-IOC_2 - 24 hr ADT plates 3-26-10.pdfAlt5 (south)-Alt6 (north)-No Build Traffic -
DEL-71-IOC_3.pdfAlt5 (south)-Alt6 (north)-No Build Traffic - Updated 3-31-10
DEL-71-IOC_4.pdfAlt5 (south)-Alt6 (north)-No Build Traffic - Updated 4-6-10
DEL-71-IOC_4_June-2-2010.pdfAlt5 (south)-Alt6 (north)-No Build Traffic - Updated 6-2-10
ALT 6 revised_August30_2010.PDFAlt6 Traffic - Northern Int with Sunbury
ALT 7 ADT_August30_2010.PDFAlt7 Traffic - Northern Int with Sunbury
DEL-71-IOC_6.pdfAlt7A Traffic - Northern Int with Sunbury
Alt 8 - ORES sketch of possible solution.docAlt8 - Support Info (Sketch)
Model of ORES sketch AKA Alt. 8.pdfAlt8 - Support Info (Sketch)
Alt 8 Traffic - 90200_7.pdfAlt8 - Traffic - Southern Int (no ex int)
Alt 9.pdfAlt9 - Support Info (Sketch)
Alt9.zipAlt9 - Traffic Files
Alt9 video.zipAlt9 - Video
DEL71 update on alt 9 and 10 forecasts email - September 2011.pdfAlt9-Alt10 - Support Info - forecasts email - September 2011
del-71 - alt 9 and 10 - message (3-7-12).pdfAlt9-Alt10 - Support Info - Roadway Eng Analysis (3-7-12)
90200_8 combined 2-29-12.pdfAlt9-Alt10 - Traffic (Southern Alts with and without ex int)
Alt 10.pdfAltTen - Support Info
Alt 10.zipAltTen - Traffic Files
Alt 10 video.zipAltTen - Video
DEL-71_Certified_Traffic_Dec.2016.pdfDEL-71 Certified Traffic
I_71_US36_landuse.docLand Use
I71_US36_forlanduseReview.xlsLand Use - Review
Ramp Counts for Updated Certified Traffic.pdfRamp Counts - Adjacent Interchanges (north and south)
Big Walnut IJS Traffic Counts.pdfSupport Info - Big Walnut Traffic Counts
Taz Split.bmpTraffic Analysis Zones - MORPC (Detail)
taz splits.pdfTraffic Analysis Zones - MORPC (Large)
collapse Category : Traffic - LJB Turning Counts ‎(19)
trafcountrequest.docTraffic Count Request
collapse Category : Traffic - LJB Turning Counts (Existing) ‎(8)

 Contact Information

​For more information or questions, please contact Steve Fellenger.

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