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Portsmouth Bypass
DBFOM Procurement

Portsmouth Bypass
The Portsmouth Bypass is a four-lane, divided, limited-access highway around the City of Portsmouth in Scioto County, Ohio. The highway, to be designated State Route 823 (SR 823), is known as the Portsmouth Bypass and will comprise 16 miles of four lane divided highway, bypassing approximately 26 miles of US 52 and US 23 through Portsmouth.
The project will improve travel and regional mobility, avoiding significant numbers of traffic signals, intersections, and driveways over the current 26 mile route using US 52 and US 23. The proposed 16-mile new route is estimated to provide travel time savings of up to 16 minutes per trip over the current route using US 23 and US 52. The large number of access points and traffic signals currently compromise US 23/US 52’s ability to safely and efficiently serve its intended function of a primary arterial.
ODOT evaluated the use of a P3 procurement approach and compared this to a traditional Design-Bid-Build approach. The evaluation indicated that there is value in using a DBFOM procurement.
Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain (DBFOM)
With a design-build-finance-operate-maintain (DBFOM) approach, the responsibilities for designing, building, financing and operating are bundled together and transferred to private sector partners. There is a great deal of variety in DBFOM arrangements in the United States, and especially the degree to which financial responsibilities are actually transferred to the private sector. One commonality that cuts across all DBFOM projects is that they are either partly or wholly financed by debt leveraging revenue streams dedicated to the project. In the case of the Portsmouth Bypass project, Availability Payments will be utilized.

 Request for Proposals - Portsmouth Bypass


Below are the Request for Proposal (RFP) documents for the Portsmouth Bypass - DBFOM Project.  Project Scope Appendices and Reference Information documents may be accessed through the FTP site linked below.


 Portsmouth Bypass RFP - Addendum #2 (Released: July 25, 2014)

ITP - 7/25/2014
ITP Form C - 7/25/2014
ITP Form F - 7/25/2014
PPA - 7/25/2014
Project Scope - 7/25/2014

 Portsmouth Bypass RFP - Addendum #1 (Released: June 6, 2014)

ITP - 6/6/14
Project Scope - 6/6/14
PPA - 6/6/2014

 Portsmouth Final RFP (Released: April 24, 2014)

ITP - 4/24/14
PPA - 4/24/14
Project Scope - 4/24/14

 Portsmouth Bypass - RFP External Links


 Portsmouth Bypass - Request for Clarifications

ITP RFC - RFCs not submitted with One-on-One Agendas7/25/2014
PPA RFC - RFCs not submitted with One-on-One Agendas7/25/2014
Project Scope RFC - RFCs not submitted with One-on-One Agendas7/25/2014
White Paper RFC - RFCs submitted in response to White Paper update7/7/2014
ITP RFC Responses - RFCs submitted for July 8-10 One-on-One Meetings7/3/2014
PPA RFC Responses - RFCs submitted for July 8-10 One-on-One Meetings7/3/2014
Project Scope RFC Responses - RFCs submitted for July 8-10 One-on-One Meetings7/3/2014
Project Scope RFC Responses - RFCs submitted for May 20-22 One-on-One Meetings5/16/2014
ITP RFC Responses - RFCs submitted for May 20-22 One-on-One Meetings5/16/2014
PPA RFC Responses - RFCs submitted for May 20-22 One-on-One Meetings5/16/2014

 Request For Qualifications - Portsmouth Bypass


 Shortlist Announced

On September 6, the Department announced that three teams have been invited to submit technical and financial proposals for the Portsmouth Bypass project.  The teams are listed below:
  • Portsmouth Bypass Development Partners
    • Equity:  Cintra Infraestructuras, S.A.
    • Contractors: Ferrovial Agroman US Corp. and Allan A. Meyers, LP
    • Designers:  Othon, Inc., Mannik & Smith Group, and Bowman Consulting Group, Ltd.
  • PWP Portsmouth, LLC
    • Equity:  Plenary Group USA, Ltd., Walsh Investors, LLC, and Parsons Enterprises, Inc.
    • Contractors:  Walsh/Trumbull/Parsons - a Construction Joint Venture
    • Designers:  Parsons Transportation Group
  • Portsmouth Gateway Group
    • Equity:  ACS Infrastructure Development, Inc., Infrared Capital Partners Limited, and Star America Fund GP
    • Contractors: Dragados, USA, Inc., The Beaver Excavating Company and John R. Jurgensen, Co., Inc. - Design Build Joint Venture
    • Designers:  ms Consultants, Inc.
Statements of Qualifications - Received
On August 9, 2013, the Department received four Statements of Qualifications for the Portsmouth Bypass Project.  Below is a link to the Submitting teams:

Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

The RFQ documents and clarifications to the RFQ can be found below.


 RFQ - Addendum #3 (July 24, 2013)

Portsmouth Bypass RFQ  -  Addendum 3 Cover Letter
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ - Addendum 3 (Clean)
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ - Addendum 3 (Redline)
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ Part C - Addendum 3 (Clean)
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ Part C - Addendum 3 (Redline)

 RFQ - Addendum #2 (July 8, 2013)

Portsmouth Bypass RFQ  -  Addendum 2 Cover Letter
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ - Addendum 2 (Clean)
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ - Addendum 2 (Redline)
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ Part C - Addendum 2 (Clean)
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ Part C - Addendum 2 (Redline)

 RFQ - Addendum #1 (June 24, 2013)

Portsmouth Bypass RFQ  -  Addendum 1 Cover Letter
20130624_PortsmouthBypass_RFQ_Addendum1 - Clean.pdf
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ - Addendum 1 (Clean)
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ - Addendum 1 (Redline)
20130624_PortsmouthBypass_RFQPartC_Addendum1 - Clean.docx
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ Part C - Addendum 1 (Clean)
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ Part C - Addendum 1 (Redline)

 RFQ - Documents (June 7, 2013)

Portsmouth Bypass RFQ (6-7-2013)
Portsmouth Bypass RFQ PartC - Forms (6-7-2013)

 RFQ - Clarifications

PBP_RFQ_Clarifications7/8/2013 3:42 PM

 April 16, 2013 Industry Forum - Documents

PortsmouthDeliveryAnalysis.pdfPortsmouth Bypass - Delivery Analysis
PortsmouthNotification.pdfPortsmouth Bypass - Industry Forum Notification
PortsmouthIndustryForumPresentation.pdfPortsmouth Bypass - Industry Forum Presentation (4-16-2013)
PortsmouthFactSheet.pdfPortsmouth Bypass - Project Fact Sheet from Industry Forum
PortsmouthIndustryForumSign-in.pdfPortsmouth Bypass Industry Forum Sign-in Sheets