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Division of Jobs & Commerce ~ Jim Gates, Administrator
"Aligning transportation investments and strategies with the needs of Ohio's businesses and workers."

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Project Examples






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Peerless Logo 

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179 Jobs Impacted — Daifuku, manufacture of conveyor systems for the automobile industry, expanded their facility and needed improved turning access.

“I was provided immediate and helpful assistance to insure that we could effectively compete and expand our Columbus facility. The entire process went very quickly and smoothly.”

   – Tim Hund, Vice President AFA Division, Daifuku America Corporation

289 Jobs Impacted — Peerless Technologies expanded their facility and needed help in a highly congested area.

“This has been a terrific experience...thank you for your diligent efforts to support job growth in Ohio...and keeping us in the loop every step of the way.”   

 - Michael Bridges, President, Peerless Technologies Corporation

568 Jobs Impacted — General Electric's Adams County location is on a local rural route which was modernized to accomodate transport of mega-sized aviation equipment. 

“Jobs & Commerce understood the big picture...safety issues were quickly resovlved for both our employees and the equipment that we needed to move. They dislodged the project following years of prior delays.”

    - Brian DeBruin, Development Operations Mananger, GE Peebles Test Operation Facility

1,200 Jobs Impacted — Rolls Royce needed to improve the turning radius on their route to allow for transport of new power generation units.

“The ODOT Office of Jobs & Commerce provided timely assistance and support to help us effectively meet our customer commitments and move our products from central Ohio to global markets.”

    - Glenn Richardson, Vice President Operations, Rolls-Royce Energy Systems, Inc.