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Ohio Transportation Improvement Districts

Transportation Improvement Districts (TIDs) were created to promote intergovernmental and public-private cooperation by coordinating resources in transportation projects. For the 2012-2013 biennium, this program provides $3.5 million each fiscal year to finance TIDs. In addition to providing funding, Ohio House Bill 114 establishes a new process for registering TIDs and funding projects.

Registration (2 year Duration)

  • All TIDs must complete and submit electronic registration form.
  • In order to register, a TID must have a specific project eligible to receive ODOT funds.
  • In accordance with HB 114, the Director of ODOT may cancel the registration of a TID that is not eligible to receive project funds and cannot provide funds to any TID that is not registered.

Funding Requests

  • Funding requests for specific projects must be submitted to ODOT by September 1 of each fiscal year; ODOT is required to notify the TID of approval or denial within 90 days of receipt.
  • Funding must be used for a specific project (or projects). Funding may be used for preliminary engineering (PE), detailed design (DD), right-of-way acquisition (RW), construction (CO), or other eligible project costs under certain circumstances. TID funds cannot be used for administrative costs.
  • The total amount of funding provided for each project is limited to 10% of total project costs or $250,000 per fiscal year, whichever is greater. TIDs may co-sponsor a project and individually apply for up to $250,000, so long as the combined amount does not exceed 10% of the project's total cost.
  • Work performed on the approved project shall be sent as an invoice to the ODOT Office of Economic Development for review. The Director of Transportation shall then reimburse the TID for the expenditures related to the project.

Recommended Submission Information (due by September 1 for each project requesting funding)

Upon successful registration, TIDs will be sent instructions for project submission by email. Funding requests should be submitted electronically, preferably in PDF format. The following items must be submitted, as applicable based on the phase of the specific project.

  1. Project Need
    • Documentation demonstrating Public Awareness of project
    • Address Short Term Economic Viability
  2. Projected Impact
    • Provide Economic Return on Investment
    • Address Long Term Economic Viability
    • Provide Relationships to existing projects
  3. Supporting Documentation
    • Documentation demonstrating Public Awareness of project
    • Provide Maintenance Agreement, if applicable
    • Provide documentation Pay Performance to date
    • Identify all Funding Sources
  4. Scope, Schedule, & Budget
    • Provide Relationships to existing projects/infrastructure
    • Provide Project Schedule
    • Provide Project Budget
  5. Evaluation
    • Documentation of Pay Performance for full project, if applicable

Consideration & Review by ODOT

Proposed projects will be considered based on their ability to address at least one of the following needs: Economic Development, Safety, Preservation, or Capacity. Projects will be reviewed and prioritized based on the Minimum Submission Information (as noted above).

All projects received will be reviewed within 90 days of receipt by ODOT Jobs & Commerce staff. Review shall be done in coordination with the ODOT District Planning Administrator and, when applicable, local entities, ODOT Systems Planning, and the Ohio Department of Development (Divisions of Strategic Business Investment and/or Urban Development). The lead contact for the TID shall be notified in writing (electronically) of approval or denial of a project.