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2017-2019 Goal Methodology
for Federal Highway and Federal Transit DBE Contracts

The Ohio Department of Transportation has developed its Federal Fiscal Year 2017 through 2019 Triennial DBE Goals, which are required by the Code of Federal Regulation 49, Part 26. Through this process, ODOT is establishing two separate DBE goal methodologies – one for contracts funded by Federal Highway and one for Federal Transit. This page has been established to share details of the proposed methodologies.

ODOT hosted a series of public meetings around the state to invite comments on the methodologies from small and disadvantaged businesses and other business enterprises, public agencies, elected officials, and interested individuals. Between June 10 and July 25, comments were accepted at these meetings and through this web page. ODOT has incorporated comments in the final goal methodologies, and has submitted the respective plans to the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration on August 1, 2016. Once approved, these goals will go into effect beginning October 1, 2016.


 Proposed 2017-2019 DBE Goal Methodologies as Submitted


 Click the following links to open PDFs of the goal methodologies as submitted to FHWA and FTA: 


 About the Goal Methodologies


FEDERAL HIGHWAY: ODOT proposes a DBE goal of 15.6 % of the Federal financial assistance expended on highway design and construction contracts. This figure is based on ODOT's recently published disparity study, which analyzed the availability of DBE firms that are ready, willing, and able to participate on DOT-assisted contracts pursuant to 26 CFR 26.45(b).  This proposed goal reflects the true level of expected DBE participation absent the effects of current and past discrimination.  
(Find details about ODOT's current DBE goals here.)

FEDERAL TRANSIT:  The proposed goal of 6.75% applies to both ODOT and its subrecipients, and is 100% race-neutral.


 For more information

About the Highway Goal Methodology:
Deborah Green
     Administrator, Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
About the Transit Goal Methodology:
David Walker
     Compliance Officer, Office of Transit
Thank you for your interest and participation. Public Comments collected by this process are available upon request.