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EEO/OJT on Federal-aid Construction Contracts




It is the policy of the Federal Highway Administration to require:

  1. That all Federal-aid highway construction contracts include specific equal employment opportunity requirements;
  2. That all Federal-aid highway construction subcontracts of $10,000 or more (not including contracts for supplying materials) include these same requirements; and
  3. Full utilization of all available training and skill-improvement opportunities to assure the increased participation of minority groups and disadvantaged persons and women in all phases of the highway construction industry.

(23 CFR 230.107)


 On-the-Job Training


​The OJT Goal for calendar year 2019 is 7.6%.

The primary objective of the OJT Program is to offer equal opportunity for the training and upgrading of minorities, women, and disadvantaged persons toward journeyman status in the highway construction trades, and to establish a plentiful and well diverse pool of skilled workers for the highway construction industry. The OJT Program has been developed in accordance with 23 CFR 230, Appendix B to Subpart A (Training Special Provisions).

ODOT's OJT Program fulfills its objective through the following elements:

  • The program is contractor-based and affords each contractor flexibility in selecting which projects trainees can be utilized.
  • Encourages contractors to select individual trainees who can become members of the contractor’s regular workforce upon completion of their program.
  • Emphasizes training in skilled-craft classifications using approved apprenticeship programs and other training programs approved by FHWA.
  • Partners with the industry and community-based organizations capable of providing OJT supportive services to trainees.
  • Encourages systematic and direct recruitment of trainees through a variety of referral services.

In addition to Contractor-Based goals, ODOT will also utilize Project Specific Goals on certain projects, as identified by the OJT Advisory Committee and in accordance with the goal setting criteria outlined in this On the Job Training Program Manual.



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OJT Good Faith Effort (GFE) Submission.aspx
OJT Program Plan.pdf
FHWA-1273 Required Contract Provisions - Federal-aid Construction Contracts (see part II. Nondiscrimination).aspx
OJT FAQs.pdf
OJT Good Faith Efforts.pdf
Notice to Industry - September 21, 2019.pdf
Notice to Industry - December 1, 2019.pdf
OJT Webinar - January 31, 2020.aspx
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Form FHWA-1391 - Federal-aid Highway Construction Contractors Annual EEO Report.aspx
Input Form 29 (I29) - Work Hour Report.aspx


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