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S&DBE Program
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 DBE Program Information

Ohio DBE Program Plan.pdfOhio DBE Program Plan3185 KB

 Contractor & Consultant DBE Goal Resources

Contractors Good Faith Efforts Guidelines.pdfContractors Good Faith Efforts Guidelines153 KB
DBE Affirmation Form (PN013).docxDBE Affirmation Form (PN013)54 KB
DBE Good Faith Efforts Sanctions.pdfDBE Good Faith Efforts Sanctions184 KB
DBE Termination Form (PN013).docxDBE Termination Form (PN013)33 KB
DBE-Bids.BIN File – DBE Utilization Plan.aspxDBE-Bids.BIN File – DBE Utilization Plan2 KB
Good Faith Efforts Template - Consultant Services.docxGood Faith Efforts Template - Consultant Services26 KB
Good Faith Efforts Template - Contractor.docxGood Faith Efforts Template - Contractor26 KB
LPA Contractor’s Utilization Plan Form .aspxLPA Contractor’s Utilization Plan Form 2 KB
LPA's Bid Opening Date Form.aspxLPA's Bid Opening Date Form2 KB
NAICS to Worktype Walkway.xlsxNAICS to Worktype Walkway17 KB



LPA Local-let DBE Utilization Plans
In order to comply with federal requirements, ODOT has implemented PN-013 which requires DBE commitments to be gathered at bid time for all LPA federally-funded contracts.  This requirement will become effective on October 1, 2016.  The proposal note to support this process is being included in the bidding templates and will be included in the project documentation when it is advertised. 

Please be advised that failure to comply with the requirements of the proposal note, including, but not limited to the submittal of DBE Utilization Plans at bid time, will result in the bid being rejected as nonresponsive. 
Should you have any further questions about these process changes, please contact Larry Brown, Contractor Compliance Liaison, Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, at lawrence.brown@dot.ohio.gov.

 Supportive Services Documents

Supportive Services Application.aspx
Step 1 - DBE Supportive Services Reimbursement Request Form.aspx
Step 2 - DBE Supportive Services Document Submittal For Payment.aspx
DBE Supportive Services Program Reimbursement Guidelines.pdf
Capacity Building Application Information.pdf
Mentor Protégé Application Information.pdf
Mentor Protege Program Document.pdf