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In the meeting at Spring Field it was said that Wilmington Airport did not have a landing fee.  This is not true.  The current landing fee at Wilmington is $50 as relayed to me by the Airport Manager Jim Osborne.  In addition. the airport requires several hours Prior Permission (PPR) to land or use any of the airport navigation approaches.  You can confirm this with Columbus approach facility. 

The Wilmington control tower runs off anyone who is in their airspace if they have an aircraft with a PPR arriving at that time. So much for the FAA's "first come first serve".

I do not like my taxes going to an airport that claims to be a public airport but infact is a private airport serving the need of only one company and denying the use of the airport to those of us that are paying for it.

The airport fall back on their 139 status but I'd like to remind everyone of all the airports that serves the airlines (Part 139) as well as general aviation without any issues such as Boeing Field in Seatle.
I attended the NE Ohio meeting in Brecksville yesterday.  It was a very good meeting and thank you for your efforts.  As I was driving home I kept thinking about the association being made between GA airports and economic development. The general emphasis seemed to be that if you have an airport you have a huge advantage when selling a location.  My though is, it's what you have at that airport that matters.  I have been to GA airports where there are tumbleweeds blowing around.  No place to meet, no place to eat, no place to relax, and possibly, no place to buy fuel.  I live in Akron and would like to give you an example.  Goodyear world headquarters are about a half mile from the Akron Fulton airport.  However, they keep their planes down at CAK which is about 12 miles away.  I think one of the primary reasons is the option of operating under IFR conditions. GA airports usually don't offer the IFR options that larger ones do, or the amentities.  So my comment is this, it's how close you are to a major airport that is important to business, not necessarily a GA airport.  However, GA airports still serve an important role in making VFR "it's a nice day to fly" possible and also for flight training and emergency landing purposes.

Please let me know if you received this.

I like the process.  Airports need some advance notice and the template for the site visits so we can prepare for the visit and use time effectively.

Most of us think that our value to the community lies away from airport jobs and to the firms that employ people in our cities and towns and who use airplanes to manage their enterprises.  We are designing airports to fit their needs for access, quick turn arounds, catering, and transport.  Few stay long enough to occupy a hotel or even eat, yet they impact 100's if not 1,000's of employees.
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