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Below are the individual sections of the Technical report in FulRes Print ready format.
Return to the full Technical Report and Executive Summary page to access compiled screen-ready versions.

OhioFocus_TechReportCover_PAGES.pdfCover Pages1605 KB
Focus Study title page-v1.pdfTitle page140 KB
Ohio Table of Contents FINAL.pdfTable of Contents161 KB
Executive Summary.pdfExecutive Summary4362 KB
Chapter 1 - Goals and Measures FINAL.pdfChapter 1 - Goals and Measures639 KB
Chapter 2 - Inventory FINAL.pdfChapter 2 - Inventory4388 KB
Chapter 3 - Trends Issues FINAL.pdfChapter 3 - Trends Issues1978 KB
Chapter 4 - Forecast FINAL.pdfChapter 4 - Forecast576 KB
Chapter 5 - AP Classifications and Facility Objectives FINAL.pdfChapter 5 - AP Classifications and Facility Objectives2292 KB
Chapter 6 - Compliance FINAL.pdfChapter 6 - Compliance11889 KB
Chapter 7 - Reg Needs FINAL.pdfChapter 7 - Reg Needs31014 KB
Chapter 8 - Recommendations FINAL.pdfChapter 8 - Recommendations2221 KB
Appendix A - Overlap Tables FINAL.pdfAppendix A - Overlap Tables2208 KB
Appendix B - Costs Associated with New or Enhanced Airport Draft FINAL.pdfAppendix B - Costs Associated with New or Enhanced Airport Draft955 KB
Appendix C - NPIAS Analysis FINAL.pdfAppendix C - NPIAS Analysis1990 KB
Appendix D - Introduction and Summary Tables FINAL.pdfAppendix D - Introduction and Summary Tables2973 KB