FAA and State Notification Requirements for Construction in the Vicinity of Airports

Airport sponsors, local government officials, zoning and building departments, and contractors should be aware of federal and state notification and permitting requirements when construction is proposed on or near airports that are open to the public in Ohio. Federal Aviation Administration Regulations, Part 77 - Objects Affecting Navigable Airspace, outline the specific criteria for FAA notification. The Ohio Administrative Code, Section 5501:1-10, outlines the state filing and permitting requirements.

The FAA Form 7460-1, "Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration," is used for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) notification. This can be filed electronically or by regular mail.  A 7.5 minute quadrangle topographic map showing the proposed construction must be attached to the completed Form 7460-1. The Form 7460-1 must be submitted 45 days prior to the proposed start of construction.

Additionally, a permit from the Ohio Department of Transportation, Office of Aviation, must be obtained prior to the start of any construction on or near airports in Ohio that are open to the public. A duplicate of the federal filing fulfills the state permit application requirements as set forth in the Ohio Administrative Code, Section 5501:1-10-06.

Filing Criteria

The FAA Form 7460-1 must be filed for any construction or alteration of more than 200 feet in height. Additionally, any construction or alteration extending outward and upward in excess of one of the following slopes requires filing:

(i) 100 to 1 slope for a horizontal distance of 20,000 feet from the nearest public use runway greater than 3,200 feet in length, excluding heliports.

(ii) 50 to 1 slope for a horizontal distance of 10,000 feet from the nearest public use runway less than 3,200 feet in length, excluding heliports.

(iii) 25 to 1 slope for a horizontal distance of 5,000 feet from the nearest landing and takeoff area of a public use  heliport.


Proposed contruction or alterations may be filed electronically to:  http://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external.  Look for "Click Here for Instructions on how to E-file your proposal with the FAA."  Follow the steps provided.


The original Form 7460-1 with accompanying map must be submitted by regular mail to:


Federal Aviation Administration

Southwest Regional Office

Obstruction Evaluation Group

01 Meachan Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76193

(817) 321-7765


Questions regarding this form may be directed to:

Ohio Department of Transportation
Office of Aviation
2829 W. Dublin-Granville Road
Columbus, OH 43235

(614) 466-6804​ or Toll Free (855) 867-1852

Once the Form 7460-1 has been submitted to FAA, both the FAA and the ODOT Office of Aviation will evaluate the proposed structure and determine whether or not it will constitute a hazard to air navigation.

If it is determined that the proposed construction is a hazard to air navigation, FAA and the Office of Aviation will work with the petitioner to alleviate or mitigate the hazard. In some instances, a slight relocation of the project will alleviate a hazard. In other cases, marking and lighting the proposed structure will mitigate a hazard. In most cases the Office of Aviation and the FAA can work with petitioners and issue a permit for construction in compliance with the standards set forth in FAR Part 77.

The FAA and the Office of Aviation appreciate the assistance of local government officials, zoning and building departments, airport sponsors and contractors in disseminating information on the requirements for filing FAA Form 7460-1 and obtaining permits for structures subject to the Ohio Airport Protection Act. Questions concerning these subjects should be directed to the Office of Aviation, at the above listed address and telephone number. The Office of Aviation may also be contacted via e-mail at:




For additional information, including downloads of Form 7460, visit the FAA web site at:



Information on the Ohio Airport Protection Act is available at the Office of Aviation web site at:



A copy of FAA Form 7460-1, "Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration," with instruction sheet, is attached. Also attached is a schematic diagram of the airfield imaginary surfaces for obstruction study and permit requirements.