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The Ohio Department of Transportation
Office of Aviation

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions




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Aviation Registration Online Application Process Questions |  Ohio Airport Protection Act | Other Aviation Questions



Where is the ODOT Office of Aviation?

2829 W. Dublin-Granville Road Columbus, Ohio 43235-2786
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How can I get an Ohio Aeronautical Chart or an Ohio Airport Directory? 

The Ohio Airport Directory and the Ohio Aeronautical Chart are published in alternating years.  Both publications are available to the public, free of charge, and are available in print and download format.

To receive a print copy of the Ohio Airport Directory or Ohio Aeronautical Chart, please call the Office of Aviation at 614-387-2356.

To download the Ohio Airport Directory or Ohio Aeronautical Chart, go to the Aeronautical Publications tab. 


​Aircraft Registration FAQs  

What are my registration options?
Registration Required
Change of Status Required
Fee Required
Application Online
Application by Mail
Airworthy Aircraft—First time registration
Airworthy Aircraft—Renewal of registration
Not Airworthy Aircraft—First time registration
Not Airworthy Aircraft—Renewal of registration
Aircraft sold last year
Aircraft scrapped/destroyed
Aircraft no longer based in Ohio
* For aircraft that have been sold, scrapped/destroyed, or based outside of Ohio, please use the Registration Application form to inform us of the aircraft’s change of status.  Once your updated information is received, you will no longer need to register this aircraft.  
General Registration Questions
Where can I find information about Ohio’s Aircraft Registration laws?
Ohio Revised Code Sections §4561.17 through §4561.22 detail the law and general information regarding registration of aircraft in Ohio (
What is AVRMS?
AVRMS is ODOT’s new online Aviation Registration Management System on which you can establish an account to renew your aircraft’s registration as well as update your address, aircraft status, and aircraft home base information.  
If I have a question regarding my aircraft’s registration, or if I have a  specific question regarding AVRMS (the online Aviation Registration Management System), who should I call?
For questions specific to your aircraft’s registration, please call the ODOT Office of Aviation at 614-387-2354 during weekday business hours of 8:00AM to 4:30PM, or you may email us at 
For questions specific to the AVRMS, contact to the Office of Aviation at (614) 387-2354. 
Must I register my aircraft, and must I pay a fee?
You must register your aircraft if you are the current owner of an airworthy or not airworthy aircraft, and a fee is required for new registration or renewal of registration for aircraft in an airworthy condition.  A fee is not required if the aircraft is no longer airworthy, has been scrapped/destroyed, has been sold, or is no longer based in Ohio.
Must I register my aircraft that is not airworthy?
Yes.  Although you do not have to pay a registration fee until the aircraft is returned to an airworthy status, you must still register your aircraft annually. 
Must I register if I hold an N-number or data plate  but do not have an aircraft?
Yes.  There is no fee, but annual registration is required if you also hold an associated airworthiness certificate.
Must I register my aircraft if I live in Ohio but the aircraft is based in another state?
Yes.  If your address is in Ohio, we assume your aircraft is also in Ohio until/unless you notify us.  Once we receive your registration application notifying us that your aircraft is based in another state, you will not need to renew the registration with Ohio unless you decide to base the plane in Ohio in the future.
Is there a deadline for completing my annual aircraft registration?
Yes, the deadline is January 31. Registration renewals not received by January 31 may be referred to the Ohio Attorney General for collection.  There is a fine of up to $500 for failure to annually register any aircraft based in Ohio. 
When must I register an aircraft that I have recently purchased?
Upon purchasing an aircraft, you must mail in an application for registration within 30 days of the purchase date along with your check.  There is not a prorated fee for aircraft purchased later in the year. 
What are my options for renewing my aircraft’s registration?
You are encouraged to use AVRMS (the new online Aviation Registration Management System) and pay by credit or debit card to renew previously registered aircraft, or you may choose to print the application and submit it by mail with your check. 
What are my options for registering my aircraft for the first time?
For first time registrations of recently purchased or recently built aircraft, you must submit your registration application by mail.  AVRMS online registration processing is available only for aircraft currently in the registration database, but you will then be able to renew your registration using AVRMS in subsequent years once your initial application has been received.    
 What if the number of seats listed on my aircraft registration application (for renewal) is not the same as the actual number of seats in my aircraft?
The registration fee for your aircraft is based on the maximum certificated seating capacity of that aircraft.  The FAA provides this information to the Office of Aviation. (To see the maximum certificated seating capacity of your aircraft when making application for a new Ohio registration, go to: inquiry/)
What Aircraft home base information is required?
All aircraft registration applications must include complete information about the aircraft home base including contact name, airport name, identifier and airport address (if the airport is not a known public use airport). 
What is the best way to submit a Change of Aircraft Base or Aircraft Owner Change of Address?
Ohio Revised Code (ORC 4561.18) requires Owners of registered aircraft to update the ODOT Office of Aviation if the airport or other place at which the aircraft is usually based changes.  The best way to forward this information to the Office of Aviation is to log in to your online AVRMS registration account to submit the changed information.  If you are unable to do so, you may send the updated information using the Aircraft Registration Email. You may also mail in the updated information to the Office of Aviation.
What is the quickest way to get an answer to my specific question about aircraft registration?
For general questions about your aircraft’s registration, the quickest way to get an answer is by email.  The Aircraft Registration Email is available to assist Ohio’s Aircraft Owners.  Please forward your questions by clicking on the link above and your answer will be promptly answered during normal business hours. 
What is the quickest way to get help with my AVRMS online account and the online registration process?
Contact the Office of Aviation at (614) 387-2354.
What if my Aircraft Registration Application is returned?
Your application may be returned to you for one or more of the following common reasons:
  • Aircraft Home Base is missing. 
  • Payment: Check not enclosed, amount not correct, and/or check not signed.
  • Registration Category: The proper Category box (New, Renewal, Sold, Aircraft Not Based in Ohio, Not Airworthy) is not checked. 
If your application is returned, we will alert you to the reason, and your prompt attention to making the necessary change(s) and returning your application will be necessary.

Aviation Registration Online Application Process Questions
What is AVRMS?
AVRMS is the new online Aviation Registration Management System. 
What is the web address for AVRMS?
What is the advantage to using AVRMS?
The greatest advantage to using AVRMS is the ease and convenience of completing the renewal process online allowing you to receive your renewal registration certificate in the most expeditious manner.  Once you establish your personal Username and Password, you may access the system at any time to register or to make changes to your address or aircraft home base.
What is the quickest way to get help with AVRMS?
Contact the Office of Aviation at (614) 387-2354.
What will AVRMS allow me to do?
The system is currently set up for online renewals of previously registered aircraft in the ODOT database, as well as for updating information regarding owner’s addresses and aircraft home base. 
How do I log in for the first time?
You will find a Login Code located near the upper right corner of the application you received in the mail.  When you log onto the registration website for the first time, you will be prompted to enter the Login Code.  Upon doing so, you will then be prompted to create a Username and Password with which you will later be able to access your account at any time. 
What information is required for me to establish my online account and enter my registration renewal application or make information changes?
You must enter your name, address, valid email address and telephone number, and all required information regarding the aircraft home base.  Registration renewal will not be possible without supplying all of the required fields of information.
If I own more than one aircraft, will they all be included in the same online account?
Yes, each aircraft you own should be included in the same online account.  When you receive your renewal applications in the mail, note the Login Code on each of the applications.   You should have the same Login Code listed on the application for each of your aircraft.  If you notice that you have different Login Codes for different aircraft, please call 614-387-2354 or 855-867-1852 during weekday business hours of 8:00AM to 4:30PM to notify us.  We will make the necessary changes to have all of your aircraft listed under the same account. 
When using AVRMS, what are my payment options?
When using the online application, you may pay by credit or debit card.  If you wish to pay by check, you will need to print an application and mail it to the ODOT Office of Aviation.
If I choose to mail my registration, to whom should I make the check out?
Treasurer State of Ohio
When I use AVRMS, will I be able to print my new registration certificate?
No.  Your new certificate will be mailed to you within 10 business days.  You will not be able to print a receipt, but it is recommended that you print a screen shot of the page showing your Certificate Number at the completion of your transaction.
***If you have not received your renewal notice by December 20, you may use a Ohio Aircraft Registration Form or contact the Office of Aviation by phone at 614-387-2354 or 855-867-1852 during weekday business hours of 8:00AM to 4:30PM, or by email at

What is the Ohio Airport Protection Act? (Ohio's Tall Structures Law)

What is the process for obtaining a permit for construction that impacts airports and airspace?

The Ohio Airport Protection Act is Ohio's Tall Structures Law and requires a permit for the construction of any structure that may penetrate protected airspace areas associated with an airport's navigable airspace. Protected airspace may or may not be located in the vicinity of the airport property and it should never be assumed that a construction project is far enough away from the airport so as not to impact protected airspace. Visit the Ohio Airport Protection​ webpage for more information.  The Office of Aviation can assist you in determining if proposed construction will impact an Ohio airport. Call the Ohio Airport Protection Hotline at (614) 466-6804 or Toll Free  at (855) 867-1852 or email with any questions.

Where can I go to find answers to other aviation questions?

For information about the Ohio Office of Aviation, Ohio Aviation Facts, or Economic Impact of Aviation in Ohio, click on the Overview link. 

For information about who at the Office of Aviation may be able to help answer your question, click on the Contact Us link and view the Office of Aviation Programs Staff roster.

For information about airports including, State of Ohio Application for Landing Site (State form 5501.1), Notice of Landing Area Proposal (FAA form 7480), Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration (FAA form 7460), or Ohio laws on Airports (Ohio Revised Code - ORC 4563) and (Ohio Administrative Code - OAC 5501), visit the Airports page.

For information about Ohio Aircraft Registration or Ohio laws on Aeronautics (Ohio Revised Code - ORC 4561), click on the Aircraft Registration link.

For information about aviation education including, the International Aviation Art Contest, click on the Publications and Education link.

For information about publications produced by the Ohio Office of Aviation, click on the Publications and Education link.

For web links to other Aviation Organizations, Aviation Weather, Aviation News, and Aviation Education, click on the Links link.