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 Ohio Airport Grant Application - Appendices

Appendix A - Format for Application Letter.docAppendix A - Format for Application Letter36 KB
Appendix B - Description of Need.docAppendix B - Description of Need38 KB
Appendix C - Project Cost Estimate.docAppendix C - Project Cost Estimate39 KB
Appendix D - Standard Assurances.docAppendix D - Standard Assurances45 KB
Appendix E - Format for Project Plan.docAppendix E - Format for Project Plan55 KB
Appendix F - Sample Project Plan Drawing.pdfAppendix F - Sample Project Plan Drawing57 KB
Appendix G - Project Schedule.docAppendix G - Project Schedule42 KB
Appendix H - Pay Request Form.pdfAppendix H - Pay Request Form17 KB
Appendix H - Pay Request Form.xlsAppendix H - Pay Request Form29 KB
Appendix I - Apron Material Selection Guidance.docAppendix I - Apron Material Selection Guidance42 KB
Appendix J - Cover Letter for Pay Requests.docAppendix J - Cover Letter for Pay Requests38 KB
Appendix K - Pavement Maintenance Plan.docAppendix K - Pavement Maintenance Plan38 KB
Appendix K.2 - Sample Pavement Work History.docAppendix K.2 - Sample Pavement Work History42 KB
Appendix L - TSA Sample Airport Security Plan.docAppendix L - TSA Sample Airport Security Plan57 KB
Appendix M - Contacts for Environmental Questions.pdfAppendix M - Contacts for Environmental Questions17 KB
Appendix N - Guide to FAA Advisory Circulars.pdfAppendix N - Guide to FAA Advisory Circulars20 KB
Check List for Applications.pdfCheck List for Applications17 KB