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Welcome to Ohio seaplane operators!
The Ohio Dept. of Transportation (ODOT) and Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources (ODNR) are opening public waters operated by ODNR for seaplane operations. Currently Ohio has two established seaplane bases:
Lakes Not Requiring a permit for landing
  1. (O12) Grand Lake St. Mary's
  2. (2C9) Toledo Seaplane Base

Ohio law requires a permit for any aircraft to land or takeoff from publicly owned land or water including Lake Erie. ODOT Office of Aviation is tasked to inspect each landing area to ensure FAA and State specifications are meet.  If the area meets these requirements a permit can be issued for aircraft operations. We are currently in the process of inspecting more Ohio waters. The landing area that meet these requirements will be automatically added to your permit.

How to acquire a permit

Required information for an Ohio water landing permit:

  1. Owners name
  2. Address
  3. Contact phone number
  4. Aircraft type
  5. Aircraft N-number
  6. Takeoff and landing performance data (for long lake)


  1. Photo of your aircraft (but not required)

E-mail to Andrew Doll:  Andrew.doll@dot.ohio.gov If you have any questions please call: 614-387-2384

Permits required

  1. Buckeye Lake (Closed Until Further Notice)
  2. Indian Lake
  3. Long Lake (performance based exception)
  4. Salt Fork Reservoir
  5. Grassy Island North (Toledo)
  6. Sandusky Bay East
  7. Grand Rapids (Maumee River)
  8. Lake Milton North
  9. Lake Milton South
  10. Rocky Fork


FAA Seaplane Bases Advisory Circular

FAA Advisory Circular 150_5395-1A.pdf

Ohio Administrative Codes

O.A.C. Chapter 1501:47-2 Rules of Navigation

O.A.C. Chapter 1501:47-2-18 Responsibilities Between Vessels


Helpful Links

Ohio Department of Natural Resources​​

Seaplane Pilots Association - Ohio

Seaplane Pilots Association - FAQ​​​​


 Current Seaplane Landing Areas Open to Public (Permit Not Required)

2C9 Toledo Seaplane Base.pdf
1813 KB
O12 Grand Lake St. Mary's.pdf
1034 KB

 Current Seaplane Landing Areas Open to Public (Permit Required)

Buckeye Lake (Closed Until Further Notice).pdf
1125 KB
Grand Rapids.pdf
1263 KB
Grassy Island.pdf
1000 KB
Indian Lake.pdf
1362 KB
Lake Milton - North.pdf
2003 KB
Lake Milton - South.pdf
1631 KB
Long Lake.pdf
1741 KB
Rocky Fork.pdf
1337 KB
Salt Fork Reservoir.pdf
1564 KB
Sandusky Bay.pdf
1209 KB